Friday, March 09, 2007

Trinny & Susannah- What You Wear Can Change Your Life. Or can It?

A few weeks ago, while doing some damage at my local B&N store, I was leafing through Trinny and Susannah's second book, the one called "What You Wear Can Change Your Life". I don't have too much to say about the book, but it's probably a good inspiration for someone who feels stuck in a rut (or in 1985) fashion-wise and have no idea where to start. The "What Not to Wear" ladies have a great attitude, they understand how looks influence your sense of well-being. And even if it's not exactly high fashion or the latest trends, they know a thing or two about clothes. There's some practical advice about dressing according to your body type, but the color guide they offer is a bit too simplistic. There are way more than just "warm" and "cool" skin tones, and most women I know can safely choose certain colors and hues from both groups.

The makeup section of the book is not exactly groundbreaking. While every statement they make is very true, I highly doubt that anyone reading the beauty blogs really needs to be told that foundation must match the skin and that a lip liner darker than the lipstick is a deadly sin. The fact that clumpy mascara isn't making you pretty isn't a new concept, either. However, one of the ten makeup points that they mention is actually worth talking about, and that's the awfulness of most long lasting lipstick, and how they make lips look parched.

I'm glad that someone has said it. A formula that is supposed to last for eight hours come hell or high water, isn't designed to make your lips happy. I can't think of even one product of this kind that ever felt comfortable on my lips, and it makes me wonder why would anyone think that re-applying is such a big effort that she'd rather suffer through wearing a super dry lipstick. A matte look can be perfectly fine (ask Dita von Teese), but you need to choose your lipstick carefully, and probably forgo anything that is drying.

Instead, I'd go for a very pigmented, high quality and very moisturizing lipstick. The latest offering from Lancome, Color Fever lipstick, is excellent. I've already fallen in love with the gloss from the Color Fever line, and the new lipstick is just as wonderful. It definitely lives up to the promises regarding shine, pigment and comfort. As you apply it, the feeling is similar to a lip balm. it coats the lips in moisture.

It doesn't survive dinner or a makeout session, but reapplying is fun.

The color that I got to try (thanks to Kerry from Lancome), Burning Torch, is not yet available, but hopefully will be soon, because it is perfect. Despite the name, it's a fairly muted brownish red, that (at least with my skin tone) is very suitable for everyday wear.


  1. To be honest, though I own this book, I've never been particularly fond of Trinny and Tranny (yes, I know, they BOTH bear uncanny resemblance to Ladyboys), what with the snarkiness, the dress-over-pants look and the constant unwanted gropings (for those who have seen the show). The only redeaming factor of this sorry little tome is it's extensive color-match chart, showing how different colors might work together.
    On another note, I'm glad you reviewed Lancome's Color Fever Lipstick, but have you considered trying Dior's Rouge Dior l/s? I'm considering buying it in Red Premier, but wanted to know what you think of the line. :-)

  2. I particularly like the comment about long wearing lip products. I have tried 4 in a row now for a review and I when I write it, I will likely struggle to say anything good about any of them!

  3. Hi anon!
    I'm assuming you mean the Dior Replenishing Lipcolor. I haven't tried this line yet, but I own several other Dior lip colors (lipsticks and glosses) and love them all, and I'm a big Dior fan in general, so I'm guessing that it's a safe bet.

    Carleen- I'm so glad to see that I'm not the only one. I'm interested to read your review.

  4. Stuff like Lipfinity certainly isn't comfortable - although it gets better with the gloss/moisturizer you put on top - but it's not the reapplying I'm worried about. It's how you AND the person you're making out with will look afterwards, with lipstick in all the wrong places. At least longlasting lipsticks are flaking off instead of smearing, that, I think, is the best thing about them (they tend to need some reapplying too)... How do you solve the smearing problem? Highly pigmented lipsticks and glosses are simply dangerous - for skin, glasses, fabrics, hair...

  5. Solander- When a makeout session is on the line I go for less scary colors (somehow mauve looks better when smeared than does burgundy). Or a nice gloss. Besame's red cherry is my favorite for such occassions. It actually looks inviting and doesn't end up on anyone's collar...


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