Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Magic Mousse

My experience with cream and gel blushes was less than stellar until now. Either the texture felt horrible to my skin (Tarte), they didn't blend well (Benetint), or the color was so far off that I ended up looking like a clown (remember O-Glo?). It all changed when I tried Magique Blush from Lancome.

First, the texture is great. It's an airy mousse that feels soft and is easy to blend. A couple of swipes with my finger tips and it looks perfect. It melts and merges nicely into my Chanel foundation, and the result looks more natural than any other blush I've tried.

Then, there's the color. I chose Plum Fantasy, which is very similar to their Aplum Blush Subtil. The color is like a light and sheer version of Benefit's Dallas, which I love, but looks a bit too much for my still winter-pale skin. Plum Fantasy is such a natural color on my skin that I use a touch of it on my nose and forehead, like I would do with a bronzer. It gives just the right amount of lively color.

I tried it on my lips, but it's too dry and matte and the color is exactly the same as my natural lips, so it doesn't contribute anything. There's only so much multitasking you can expect. The only improvement this great blush could use, is a longer lasting power. It fades to nothing within 4-5 hours and requires a touch up.

The web site suggests applying Magique Blush with their Precision Cheek brush. I caved and got the Petit one, but here's where you can learn from my mistakes. It's completely unnecessary, and actually doesn't perform half as well as your fingers. The straight cut of the bristles is weird and doesn't contour to the face. Also, the mousse sticks to it and requires washing after every application.


  1. I think you should take a gander at Becca's selection of creme blushes, they're bound to have a flattering shade. I own their Creme Blush in Orchid, and I've found it lasts the day with or without a coat of powder (Becca's Loose Powder, which is also excellent). I can even wear it on my lips and it blends right in. I hear their Lip & Cheek Cremes are also great at pulling double duty, but in my experience they fade in less than an hour on the cheeks.

  2. Hello anonymous reader :-)
    Becca's blush is definitely on my list to try. I tried the powder and was very impressed.

  3. I would also try the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse blush. I like those a lot and I think it would give you the same effect.

  4. You can use that brush for mineral makeup works really well. Not sure if you use it though? I'm in Australia and it is HUGE here.


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