Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ask the Non-Blonde 1: Purple Eye Shadow

I love getting questions from readers, both through the blog's comments and by email. I email back when applicable, but this one was left as a comment and would probably be of interest to others. I was asked to recommend a rich purple/plum eye shadow for a green-eyed reader in her 30s.

My reply: The exact color that is right for you depends on your skin tone even more than on your eye color. There are many beautiful purples, and plum is a great option, because as a warmer color than violet it's more flattering on most. The ones I'm listing here are my personal favorites:

Dior 2 Color Eyeshadow. You can't go wrong with Dior. The shadows are very pigmented, easy to apply, blend beautifully and last without fading and creasing. Diorart is a combination of a soft plum and medium/fair pink that complements it beautifully. For more drama, there are the new. They are bolder and more shimmery. Amber Plum has a golden sheen and would look lovely if you're looking for a warmer tone.

I've written before about Bourjois Petite Guide de Style. The tiny booklets are among my favorite makeup items of the season, and I find all the colors to be very wearable. Excellent quality and long wear make them a very attractive option. Coquette Rosette is a violet/pink combo. From my experience, the shimmer is very delicate and is office appropriate.

Lorac single shadows (as well as their palettes) are among the best around. They are never too shimmery, but the colors are true to to what you see in the little pots. Garnet is a rich plum, one that I would have bought for myself if I didn't own several others already (Diors and a couple of sadly discontinued Elizabeth Ardens).


  1. Thank you! I have an olive skin tone and am going to opt for a plummier shade, maybe something glitzier for the evening. I'm not sure if I can get my hands on those Bourgois booklets here in the UK, they look lovely, it seems Bourgois products generally give far more impressive results than other cosmetics within their more modest price range. Thanks again, keep up the good work! Jo

  2. As a green-eyed reader (shock! LOL) in her 30s who has fair skin, I love Clinique's Rose Wine duo. I saw an intriguing violet duo from Nars at Sephora yesterday called Tokyo...I'm still thinking about going back and giving it a shot.

  3. Jo- The Habanera duo from Nars has one of the best plums ever. It's sparkly and would look great for evening. I'm pretty sure I saw a Nars counter at Selfridge's in London. I'm really surprised about Bourjois. It's French, of course (a division of Chanel), so one would expect that it'd be easily available in the UK.

    Greeneyes- I forgot about those Clinique duos. I have no doubt that Rose Wine looks amazing on you. My favorite is High Drama, a black/brown combo that is, indeed, very dramatic. I haven't worn it in ages, though.


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