Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Many thanks for the anniversary wishes. We had a great time playing in the city, had some excellent food (Café Boulud offers several vegetarian options), visited CB I Hate Perfume and added a few items to the ever-growing bottle collection. Now it's catch-up time. I'm still behind on email and beauty-related reading, but I'm getting there.

Speaking of email, here are a few of the highlights from my inbox. There are many offers, sales and events going on now that summer is officially over. Some more worthy than others:

  • The Neiman Marcus Beauty Event: Any beauty or fragrance purchase over $100 would award you with a metallic tote and seven generous size samples. There are a couple of skin care items (from Orlane and ReVive. I wish the latter was not the eye cream but their amazing C serum, which is worth its weight in gold and costs as much), a sample of Infusion d'Iris, the new Prada perfume (not exactly the way to my heart, but what can you do?), a Molton Brown shampoo (you can't go wrong with that, but I wish it was a shower gel) and three makeup items (Laura Mercier and Clinique lip color, Estee Lauder mascara). I've seen better offers in the past, but this isn't a bad haul and can sweeten the deal if you're already in the market for a Serge Lutens fragrance.

    What's even better are the specific brand offers you'll find there, which will give you an additional GWP. There are several worthy deals in the list, especially if you're already planning on doing some damage. The best offer must be the one from Dior: If you spend your $100 on their products, you'll get a five shadow palette (that one alone is worth the hassle and the money), a mini lipstick and a mini brush set. The Emilio Pucci offer is worth mentioning not so much for the fragrance and body cream samples as much as for the adorable cosmetics case. Like every Pucci print, this is a collectible item. I've sniffed the new fragrance, Vivara, and quite liked it. I have yet to actually test it, though.
    The most ridiculous offer comes from YSL Beauty: You need to spend $200 in order to get a tiny eye cream sample and a mini mascara. I'd skip that one.

  • This picture was part from a Sephora Beauty Insider newsletter. It must be the ugliest manicure I've seen since Fergie's bumblebee nails. I almost didn't notice the lashes. Does it make you want to buy anything from her?


  1. That weird reverse French manicure thing I've seen in old pictures.

    Doesn't make it any better.

  2. I love the manicure, but I have weird tastes in nail designs.
    The thing that bothered me most were her eyelashes-- it looks like they photoshopped the hell out of them.


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