Thursday, September 20, 2007

Comparative Mascaraizing

While writing a perfume review is probably the hardest part of my blogging, testing and writing about mascara must be the easiest. The requirements are simple: define, lengthen, hold a curl, don't smear/flake/clump/dot and be easy to remove. There are only so many colors to choose from, texture is rarely an issue and the best part is that most mascaras on the market are quite good. In a year and a half of beauty blogging I came across only two disappointing products.

Projectionist from Estee Lauder is another good one. I already have their More Than Mascara in my regular rotation for its great, natural looking and well-defining action. There's a big marketing spiel about "moisture binding molecules", but honestly, I can't tell if it's any different than other mascaras I've been using. All I care is that it makes my lashes look pretty.

Projectionist has its own story. Something about "Hollow spherical polymers act like inflated balloons that volumize and lift". I can't say that I'm feeling or seeing a difference, even when I wore the two Estee mascaras together, one on each eye. They looked the same, added a touch of volume, a hint of length (nothing extreme, just the right amount for my already not short lashes), held the curl nicely enough and darkened my lashes. Although the MtM color is the one called More Black and the Projectionist was a regular black, I couldn't see a difference. I even tested them on my lower lashes to try and see variations in color, but got none. As a last test I asked my husband if he could see a difference between the eyes. For what it's worth, he couldn't.

Projectionist endured both nights out on the town and several warm days, never smeared or flaked and was easy to remove without extra rubbing both with Almay oil free pads and with the ubiquitous Lancome Bi-Facil.

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