Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Pear for the Holidays: Caldrea

Speaking of limited editions, Caldrea has launched their Holiday Collection in three fragrance ranges: Cognac-vanilla-limon, Seville orange-amber and Italian cypress-pear. A liquid hand soap in the latter is now residing in my bathroom, and even I, a fruit-hater (in fragrance, that is) have succumbed to its charm.

The scent isn't cloying. The green cypress is seeing to that. Instead, it's spicy, festive and quite addictive. The soap is gentle and doesn't dry my skin. They also have a hand lotion and the usual cleaning products (dish soap and countertop spray), as well as a candle. The two other scents also come in a room spray (Caldrea room sprays are among the longest lasting I've came across). What I'd really like to see is a full range of bath and body products, like oils, bath powders and body balms, but their focus is on the home front and less on personal grooming.

If you sign up for their holiday newsletter, you'll get right away an email with a link that will enable you to get free samples (no shipping charge, either) of the three holiday scents.

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