Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Laura Mercier Lipstick

A message to my reader J. from the Block:

Do you remember when we discussed nude lipsticks for girls like us, whose lips are naturally pigmented? We came to the revolutionary conclusion: Beige lips aren't a good thing for us. I've found a great alternative for us. Laura Mercier Creme Lip Color in Pink Champagne is a perfect nude for us. It's a neutral rose, dark enough just to cover our lips without washing them out, but doesn't make a statement and works well with heavily-done eyes. The texture is creamy, the finish is smooth without any shimmer or sparkle, it feels great on the lips and holds for a couple of hours.

Now, about that scary husband of yours...

1 comment:

  1. Beige lips aren't a good idea for anyone. Even the fairest of us (as seen from my picture on PST have some color to their lips. Can you imagine what I'd look like with beige lips? Like an extra in "Resident Evil: Apocalypse"


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