Friday, September 07, 2007

Testing Chanel Foundation

When it comes to foundation, I'm of the opinion that there are no shortcuts. A product that isn't a perfect match in texture and color will ruin the best makeup and the most perfect and skilled application. I've been a Chanel devotee for the last five years and it doesn't seem to change. I usually go for the light coverage provided by Vitalumier in liquid form, but recently I had the opportunity to test the more opaque Creme Compact Foundation.

The cream is thicker, of course, and requires a sponge (it comes with the compact, as you can see in the picture). It goes on smoothly and is very easy to blend. I tried it with and without my beloved Smashbox primer, and the results are great either way. However, when not using the primer, my skin needed to be exfoliated and deeply moisturized for the cream to look good and not flaky.

The coverage is better than what you get from the fluid Vitalumier, yet it's not cakey and doesn't cover my skin with a coat of paint. It does a great work making my complexion even and nearly flawless, but it doesn't completely conceal (what's left of) my infamous three freckles. I don't have a multitude of facial sins to hide, but the red patches near the nose and the little imperfections here and there are properly covered, while the skin still looks natural and radiant. I can't recommend it enough. It's that great, just make sure your skin is well hydrated before you try this on.

As for color, I had a surprise. Apparently, my anti-sun and vitamin C serum regimen (not to say obsession) have made my skin lighter than it's ever been. Usually, my Vitalumier color is Beige (intensity 2.0), but here I discovered that somewhat lighter Cameo (1.0) is a great match.

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  1. The colors in Chanel's creme and powder compact foundations are darker than the corresponding liquids - that's probably why you had to go a shade lighter.


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