Monday, September 17, 2007

Not Gone

Remember how I whined about the disappearance of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails polish in the lovely Stony Creme? Last Friday I found it again at my local Target. The bottle was changed into a sleek, more narrow one and the packaging somewhat updated. The color is the same. My toes rejoiceth.

Thanks to Marie-Hélène from The Scented Salamander I no longer fear for the life of Sonia Rykiel Le Parfum. The designer has a new web site dedicated to her fragrances (the home page has a short clip which might not be safe for work). There are only two problems: The site is in French (no English option) and they don't ship overseas. But the fact that the Le Parfum is available both as an EdT and an EdP (my preference) and sold online is promising.


  1. if you need it, my fave local discount shop usually has some in stock - designer fragrances - 713.528.0782 (houston) - ask for thomas or vickie - they will ship. i love, love, love this scent - it's like all the best notes of a french perfume shop blended together. yummy. cheers! - minette

  2. Thanks, Minette! I'll save the info. I probably already have enough for the next decade, but I do use it quite often, and with cashmere sweater season I'm going to wear it even more.
    I agree with you: It's such a perfect French perfume. Rich, tempting and exquisitly blended.


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