Friday, June 13, 2008

Beauty in the details

While just about every store selling fashion and/or accessories has its own take on the animal print craze, I kept looking for something a bit different and less recognizable. I knew I wanted a bracelet, but was determined to avoid the enamel zebra pattern ones you see everywhere (besides, I already have this necklace. It helps when the man who buys me jewelry reads my blog).

I found this little handmade cuteness in Boston's Beacon Hill area. The store, named The Designers, has started as leather workshop and still sells leather products made on site, but they also have clothes, accessories and jewelry handmade by local artists, which to me is the ultimate luxury: beautiful and unique items, often one-of-a-kind that you won't see on every other person you know.

I'm linking to their site here, even though it's pretty useless in all its 1996 glory. If you're interested, you'll either need to get there in person or call the store (617-720-3967) and ask Jill for details.

The bracelet was made by an artist named Zelda and cost $45. There were many other jewelry items I was seriously coveting, but instead went with a gorgeous straw hat (not any of the ones pictured above or on the site. Something a tad less dramatic). The store's address is 106 Charles Street, Boston. Open every day except Sunday.

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  1. Those are really lovely Gaia. I'll show them to my daughter, she has been painted with an Autumn essence by Mother Nature, thus animal type motifs work really well on her.


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