Monday, June 02, 2008

How to lose celeb friends and alienate people- Nina Ricci Style

Let's say you're a top designer or the manager of a prestigious fashion house. Who are the celebs and A-listers you REALLY don't want to be mad at you?

Now, how many of you have Sarah Jessica Parker on your list?

Apparently, neither Olivier Theyskens, the Nina Ricci designer, nor Mario Grauso, the president of the fashion division at Puig, which owns Nina Ricci, share this idea. The full story is here, but basically, when Sarah Jessica Parker came to Nina Ricci to get a dress for the NYC premier of Sex And The City, she requested something that hasn't been worn and photographed in public by someone else. It might seem a bit ridiculous to us mortals who buy off-the-rack, but for a celeb who wears couture at a major event, it actually makes sense.

The problem?

The picture above shows Olivier Theyskens with NY socialite Lauren Santo Domingo at the Met's Costume Institute ball early last month, and, yes, it's that dress.

I think I know whose creation SJP won't be wearing for her next big event.


  1. Wow. Great move there, Olivier. Way to piss off SJP,, and your "friend" Lauren all at the same time. I mean, is he stupid or secretly working for the competition?

  2. Yeesh - I can only say what all the kids do these days: "AWK-ward!"

  3. Not only that, he looks like her teen-aged son in this picture!


  4. Tom- I was wondering the same thing. What designer in his right mind wants tomake SJP an enemy?

  5. Flora- Today I read that before these two wore he dress, Lindsay Lohan had her go with it for some Disney event (!!!). It doesn't get more AWK-ward! than that.

  6. Calypso- Yes, he does look young and out of place.

  7. As I was waiting for a pie at my favorite pizza joint last night, I plucked the March issue of Vogue (Drew Barrymore on the cover) from their reading rack. Inside was a photo shoot featuring the dress, which Olivier did admit to when SJP questioned him at the fitting. (How random that I would see it after reading this!) If memory serves me correctly, the model's arm covered that fabulous detailing on the waist.

    Lying to clients is always unethical. While starlets may hold him at arms' length for a season, I doubt there will be any long-term effects on his business.

  8. I must say it was pretty crap-tastic of Olivier. Way to go buddy.

  9. Brava- For poor Olivier's sake, I dearly hope you're right. He's very talented.

  10. Always in Style- Indeed. The guy needs some PR lessons.


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