Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Frederic Malle Perfume By Maurice Roucel

An American Blogger in Paris, Part 1: Stumbling Upon a Scoop

Imagine this: An eager blogger and her long suffering husband are vacationing in Paris. Naturally, they visit every perfume boutique and most beauty stores on both sides of the Seine River (see long suffering husband, above), including the Frederic Malle Edition de Parfum store, where they play with their favorites, discover new ones, and chat with a charming sales assistant who tells them that a new perfume is coming out soon!

The new release, Dans tes Bras (in your arms) was composed by Maurice Roucel, the nose behind my beloved Musc Ravageur and other gorgeous scents (Hermes 24 Faubourg, Serge Lutens Iris Silver Mist, Bond no.9 New Haarlem).

It continues the sensual theme of Musc Ravageur, though it's meant to be a little more subtle (don't ask me. On my skin, Musc is a cuddly comfort scent). The notes are: bergamot, cloves, violet, jasmine, sandalwood, patchouli, frankincense, cashmeran, heliotrope, white musk.

I didn't have any skin space left, so my experience is through a scent card (what? It's good enough for Luca Turin), which some 16 hours later is still radiating with the fragrance. It's lovely, though heliotrope haters would probably object to the powderiness. It feels like a classic French scent and I'm not entirely sure how steamy it is, but I like it nonetheless.

Dans tes Bras will be available in the US in October 2008.

Photos: The Non Blonde


  1. Wow, what a scoop! That must have been exciting.

    I can't wait to smell it in person. It seems to have some similar notes to L'Eau D'Hiver. Is that true?

  2. Hi Gaia,

    First, thanks for the scoop!

    I didn't see it mentioned, so I have to ask if this is currently available in Paris? Or only testers for now!

  3. Welcome to Europe! I had no idea you were coming to Europe. Any plans of visiting Switzerland?
    Enjoy Paris!

  4. I've sent you an email -- I was just passing in front of the Malle boutique on the rue de Grenelle yesterday, wondering if I should go in, thinking Nah, I know all their stuff...
    If you're in Paris long enough I'd be glad to meet up.

  5. That's just GREAT!!
    I have taken the liberty of linking you (I'm so happy for you finding this out first!). This is great news and do have a wonderful time while there! :-))

  6. Well, I know I'll be hitting up Barneys come October!

  7. So are we now to expect weeks of gushing entries about all the brands that paid for your trip?

  8. Jarvis- Surprisingly, there are several notes in comon between the two. However, they feel completely different, as they should, considering Roucel and JCE seem (to me, at least) to have opposite approaches. From what I was able to smell, DTB has more body.

  9. Bebz- According to the SA, it won't be available in Paris until September. The tester is in the store, but it's not yet on display.

  10. Andy- I'm about to send you an email (long overdue, I know). I was in Paris for a few days, at the tail-end of a family visit overseas. Next time I'm in Europe there will definitely be a stop in Zurich.

  11. D- I'm so glad we managed to meet! It was a lot of fun.

  12. Helg- Thanks for the link. I was thrilled to have the scoop. Paris was lovely, of course, (and another overdue email will be sent today).

  13. Tom- That would make two of us. I must try it on skin next time.

  14. Dear Anon- Thank you for thinking so highly of my blog and the value it offers to some mysterious company. It's a wonderful compliment that you believe I'm high enough on the totem pole that anyone would be willing to fund my vacation.
    Many of the coming posts will be of the gushy kind, because Paris would do that to you. However, expect a little snark here and there. I can't hide my spots and stay constantly positive, even on a belly full of French pastry.

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