Friday, June 20, 2008

For The Love Of Feet- Taryn Rose Sandals

Forget ballet flats.

I mean, really, forget them.

Yes, I know they're cute for as long as you can erase the mental image of Amy Winehouse in her ratty, blood-stained ones. And I know that J. Crew make them in very nice prints. But in reality, if you have flat feet, a shoe that doesn't have enough of a sole for shock absorbency is a ticket to painville. And, from what I hear from my friends who were blessed with a nice ballerina arch, they require some serious support, too.

Personally, my flat feet and I are much more comfortable in well-made high heels. There's a reason Sarah Jessica Parker was wearing Manolos all over the city when she was nine months pregnant with her son. I consider his mary-janes an orthopedic shoe. They are that comfortable.

I only make one exception. Not only are my hooves ridiculously flat, but also heat sensitive. No matter how comfortable the shoe, if I'm walking for an extended amount of time and the weather is balmy, things get ugly fast and we're getting into blisterland.

A few years ago I attempted to walk all over Paris in a pair of stylish ballet flats. They were quite nice, bought from Sacco, who make pretty and comfortable shoes. By the end of the day I was considering amputation, and spent the rest of the trip wearing my trusty J. Crew wedge flip-flops. Elegant it was not, and I beg forgiveness from all the French people reading this, since I wore these non-shoes everywhere, from Gallerie Lafayette to the Musee d'Orsay (I change into high heels when going out for dinner, though).

Now, I think I can retire the flip-flops. These Taryn Rose sandals are named Tyra, but I'll ask you to ignore the name and have a look. They are amazingly comfortable while still cute, have a thick, absorbent sole and don't chaff my skin. Even the thong part is soft and easy on the area between the toes. and French people will no longer have a reason to throw things at me.

Taryn Rose sandals are available from Saks and Neiman's, but I bought mine online from Zappos, where they are significantly cheaper.


  1. love the post & love your sense of humour though I don't get the bit about French people throwing's a funny image!

  2. they are so cute!

  3. I've been looking up Taryn Rose and just came upon a sample sale happening on Sign up on their website for a free membership to the "hautest" designer sales online! The Taryn Rose sale is coming up and I can't wait to get a few pairs of new shoes!

  4. I bought the "Success" style and couldn't have been more disappointed. As a fellow flat-footed woman (with size 12 feet), I felt like I was walking on a golf ball when I wore those shoes.

    As a orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Rose should know that not everyone has an arch, and when they spend $425 on shoes, they don't want to be in pain.

    I will never buy her shoes again, but I'm glad you found some that worked for you.

  5. Sorry. As "an" orthopedic....

    I had a grouchy child distracting me. One of three with freakishly flat feet too.


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