Friday, June 27, 2008

Insert Lemon Jokes Here- Lush Lemony Flutter

The best thing about Lush Lemony Flutter is the name. It sounds light and airy, and makes you think about fluffy things, like lemon meringue pie. You'll need to adjust your expectation before trying it, because this thick buttery cream smells more like a lemony shoe shine (I'm always amazed by Lush fanatics who claim the products smell "yummy". From my experience, the best I can hope for is pleasant).

It comes in a little pot you need to dip your fingers (germaphobes will shudder), and you only need very little to grease your scales. I'm unconvinced of its merit as a hand cream, because it takes too long to stop leaving prints on my keyboard (and it makes cat hair stick to my hands). It feels nice when the grease is gone, though.

I can see why you'd want to use in on calluses and anywhere that needs to be seriously buttered, so it's good to have around. It's just not a fun product and doesn't feel lush and luxirious. The small packaging is convenient, but I much prefer the travel size tubes from L'Occitane.

Lush products are available online and from their stores, the latter is where I bought mine ($13.25).


  1. I think it's meant for cuticles, not as a hand cream.

  2. Hah! Sneaking out from under my rock to say, they opened a Lush store in our mall and everyone I know is going: yay, finally!

    I think their stuff smells awful, and who wants a $5 bath bomb that leaves crud all over your tub? I have gone in there to try several things, thinking I must be trying the wrong items. I give up.

  3. Uuuk. Your little review makes me think I'd only use this if it were the last handcream in Seattle. Thanks for reinforcing my loss of enthusiasm for Lush.

  4. Tania- You're right in it being labeled as cuticle cream. However, both the SA and the website described it as an all purpose product, to be used wherever needed.

  5. March- So many of the products smell horrible. I really don't get most of the reviews. I still managed to find a bunch of things that work well, but I admit to not using them as often as I should because of the yucky scents.

  6. Raven- Let's hope Seattle never runs out of good handcream :)


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