Monday, June 23, 2008

Lush Therapy Massage Bar

This chunk of solid body butter has recently become my favorite pelt softening item (for now. One doesn't become a beauty blogger without being promiscuous when it comes to products). Basically, this is cocoa butter with lavender and neroli oil, which means that the bar does a wonderful job moisturizing while smelling better than most Lush products I've ever tried.

They claim that it's good for scars and stretch marks, which is an attribute of cocoa butter, but I don't have any of the latter to test it, and my scars are still very much there after several weeks of use, so that's not why I'm so in love with this little bar. It's the way my legs and arms look and feel: like those of a normal person who has never resembled an exotic handbag in her life.

Since this is summer and a buttery feeling is not what I'm after when crossing my legs, I use a generous dose of Silky Underwear powder, which also helps with feeling smooth. I keep my bar in the little tin Lush offer (it's free if you buy two bars), so it stays clean and doesn't disintegrate prematurely. It's also very travel friendly.

I tried (in store) several of the other bars, but this is the one that smelled best, not that the scent lingers enough to matter. The one bar I'd recommend you avoid (unless you're 16 or under) is the one with the shimmer. It's just too much.

Lush products are available online and in their stores, which is where I bought my bars. The tin was a GWP.


  1. Love, indefinable love

    G. Casanova

  2. I use other Lush stuff (I'm addicted to the solid shampoos, so great for travel & the gym), but I've never tried the massage bar.

    It sounds like something I'd use overnight, rather than in the morning. The problem is the 'buttery feeling'. I do find cocoa butter greasy.
    Shimmer? Yeah, not for my age group.. ;-)


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