Sunday, June 08, 2008


I'm finally going to start the new one by Jhumpa Lahiri that's been sitting here for a couple of months now. Or maybe I'll get distracted (again) by some non-fiction. We'll see.

David Gray- Nightblindness

frequently worn outfit or item
A vintage short black dress, a-line, with the tiniest white polka dots.

Chergui. I need to write a full review. Bought it in the fall and recently discovered how well it works in the heat.

Vegetarian sushi. There's a local restaurant here that makes amazing rolls. Their mock shrimp tempura is to die for.

Mango Bellini.

guilty pleasure
See above. Normally I prefer to eat my calories and not drink them.

bane of my existence
Closet space (lack of).

I'm going to meet my new niece in 10 days.

Serge Lutens bell jars. Several of them.

There's a rumour about the new Estée Lauder release, Sensuous, being close/reminiscent/a dupe of the legendary Donna Karan Chaos. I have yet to smell it, as I never thought a new Lauder would make me run to Bloomie's, but if there is even a hint of truth to the story, I'll stop torturing myself looking at those unboxed Chaos bottles from dubious sources on eBay. I'd rather buy something by JAR, or a couple of non-export Lutens than drop the money on an old Donna Karan.

What are your current favorites, banes and thoughts? Please share them!

Image: Red Door by Henry Asencio from Vinings Gallery.


  1. Chergui is really nice in the heat, isn't it?

    Of course, the heat you're getting there...


  2. I'm currently reading the kinds of novels that one used to have to read in high school - Sinclair Lewis, Edna Ferber, all fiction written before 1930. Somerset Maughm. It's like opening a time capsule. I wish Chergui worked for me, because the people who love it REALLY love it. I'm also looking forward to EL Sensuous, which sounds like their best release since, I don't know, maybe Cinnabar? Hope you get some heat relief soon!

  3. Tom- Yes, it was unbearably hot. I can't deal with this kind of weather. But Chergui did well and kept me sane.

  4. Anita- I used to love Somerset Maugham. It's been decades since I last read anything of his, but it was so good. Like watching an old movie.
    You're right about EL. This is a new territory for them. I understand that Tuberose Gardenia is considered a well-made fragrance, but I couldn't deal with it.


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