Monday, September 08, 2014

Cat Of The Day: Kate

Here's my little Katie  in honor of the other Kate who made the news today (do you have guesses about the name? I'm thinking Philip or Philippa as a middle name), That's a Tauer sample next to her, and I can already tell you I'm highly impressed with Sotto La Luna. Kate is the one cat in the house that doesn't seem to mind perfume. Earlier today I was kind of drenched in vintage Femme de Rochas and she cuddled with me as though I was made of  tuna . Not sure what it says about Femme, but she seems to feel the same way about  the Tauer, as well as for Montale Chypre Vanille, so it's all good.


  1. Start of a series, I hope? Sotto la Tuna sounds intriguing!

  2. Kitten photo happiness! She is such a beauty - and I'm glad she won't have to suffer the morning sickness the other Kate is. And this just made me very curious as to whether cats also get morning sickness, so went to look it up and they do indeed sometimes suffer from it. :-( How interesting about Femme - must try it out on our children. Blessedly, they all seem to be OK with my perfumes, although they do definitely have favorites. The only thing they hate are my sunscreens, but I've tried to make them understand how necessary they are.
    Look forward to your thoughts on Sotto La Luna.

  3. if she's cuddling with femme de rochas it simply means that she has exquisite taste. really love her nose (and her brother).

    yes, please do a kitty of the week every week. or daily. ha.



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