Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ask The Non-Blonde: Personally Speaking (Again), Mostly About Makeup

Apparently, it's been two years since I last answered makeup-related personal questions in a dedicated post. A couple of the questions I collected here are about other things, but I included them anyway. I probably forgot some (it's easier for me to collect questions through Twitter, but you're still welcome to use any other available format), so feel free to ask here in the comment section.

1. How do you feel about Clooney's marriage?
    I'm very happy for George, and glad to see that in the end he chose a woman of substance. And, yes, I loved the Oscar de la Renta dress.

2. Will you show us your makeup setup?
     Yes. Soon. I'm still tweaking and decluttering, but it finally feels like the "work-in-progress" has progressed somewhere. I feel a bit guilty, considering the fact that for the last five years I've had a room dedicated to all things beauty,  outfitted with the ever-so-popular Ikea Alex drawers (seven of them, actually). But I'm reminding myself that this blogging thing makes me a not-so-average makeup user.

3. How is the perfume organization project going?
   It's done, finally. The husband did some serious work setting everything up and securing the cabinets to ensure safety and stability (Olivia and Sophie tend to jump on top). Everything is more accessible and nicely organized, there's a full cupboard dedicated to Guerlain, most of the box-less and super vintage rarities live  inside a dresser, and the whole thing is making me ridiculously happy.

4. Where do you keep your makeup brushes?
    For the last five years I've kept most of them inside the aforementioned Alex drawers. I moved some into various holders placed now on top of a vintage tea cart that I can move around the room as needed. It's as practical as it's pretty.

5. What were the Guerlain and Edward Bess lipsticks you finished?
    Edward Bess Night Romance ( a gorgeous all-year deep rose). I think it's not the first Night Romance I've used up. The Guerlain was Rouge Automatique in Liu.

6. Do you wear makeup at home?
    I test makeup at home, so you might catch me sporting some really odd stuff, but as a rule I'm bare-faced at home and prefer to remove my makeup almost as soon as I step inside.

7. What's on your makeup wishlist?
     The FedEx guy just delivered my first order of Gucci makeup. I have yet to even open the boxes but I already want more.

8. I've always been curious: you seem to like bold colors like green and blue. How do you wear these products (like the RBR palette)?
    The answer is "one color at a time". Generally speaking, my skin tone and face structure can take quite a bit of color. Navy and many other shades of blue look very flattering on me (or so I think), so I blend them with something neutral and pay attention to textures so things don't look too heavy or bright. Even when using a coordinated palette I usually choose one color and pair it with something low key outside the palette.

9. Do you own any MAC? You never post about the brand.
    I do have a handful of MAC posts (see this, this, and this, for example), but I have a hard time caring about the endless limited-edition collections, and not all of their permanent products were created equal. I have two custom palettes with classic colors such as Club, Patina, Satin Taupe, and others, which I use often enough. And at a reader's recommendation I recently got the Animal Instinct blush, which I absolutely adore. It's a plum with maybe a touch of brown in the base.

10. You haven't reviewed anything from Chanel in a long time. Why is that?
       That's true. I keep checking out the new collection, but generally feeling "meh" on almost everything. I'd love something new and exciting from Chanel, and hopefully a reformulation for the better of many eye products, especially eyeliners (the mascaras have vastly improved in recent years).

11. What makeup do you buy at the drugstore?
       Pixi eyeliners and various random items from Boots No.7. I really enjoyed their collaboration with Poppy King of Lipstick Queen.

Image: Make-up, by Erwin Blumenfeld, 1948


  1. I can't believe that people were interested (Question no. 1!) in how you regard George Clooney's nuptials. Good lord.

  2. Pixi eyeliners rock! So easy to use and they stay put. Also enjoying their eye shadow palette in golden browns. They work as well as high-end shadows.

    Look forward to seeing your perfume and makeup organization.


  3. I'm extremely interested in your Gucci makeup reviews. Open those boxes, please!

  4. Totally understand how happy the perfume organization makes you - am going to have to enjoy the thrill of that vicariously since mine is *so* not there. But, speaking of things that make me ridiculously happy that don't involve soul satisfying organization - just got an email about the new rose scent from Charenton Macerations. I adored their first scent so much (which I discovered thanks to your review) that I literally almost clapped my hands with enthusiasm when I read about CM2. I know rose scents don't always work for you, but I do hope you review this one.
    Also looking forward to seeing your makeup setup and I agree that Amal's wedding dress was gorgeous - not a surprise as she has a great sense of her own personal style. George is a very lucky man.

  5. Edward Bess Night Romance is a fantastic shade! It's one of the few colors I've repurchased. I always feel so poised and polished when I wear it. As for Liu, I loved the color but found it difficult to wear and so there was still about half left when it came time to toss it. Thanks for answering that question :-)


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