Monday, September 15, 2014

Hakuhodo Maple Kinoko Brush (Small)

compare the size of the small Kinoko to classics such as Edward Bess Luxury Face Brush and Hakuhodo Vermilion Kinoko

I had to have this brush. HAD TO. I first fell in love with the tiny Hakuhodo Kinoko brush and its maple handle a couple of years ago at IMATS. The entire maple range is gorgeous, but I already have more than enough regular and oversized Kabuki brushes, so I couldn't justify another one (kicking myself, because: maple!). But a super-compact directional goat hair Kinoko is versatile and travel friendly. It's completely round but incredibly small for a face brush (the hair is 30mm x 19mm), very (very!) soft, yet dense enough for blush or powder application, and can even do a little buffing.

At first I was hesitant to use this brush with blushes, worried that I'd never be able to wash the pigment completely and maintain the white hair, but eventually reminded myself that all my Hakuhodo Yachiyo brushes wash easily and are still white after all these years (well, when not in use, which they usually are. I need several backups).

The obvious question is which one I prefer: a Yachiyo brush or a Kinoko. It's a hard one and I'm glad I don't need to choose. Yachiyo brushes are amazing for blending. Truly, there's nothing better, and I consider the Hakuhodo ones necessary staples (at least the medium and small pointed ones, but I also love the largest brush). I also think that it's a good idea to have free-standing Kabuki brushes in various sizes for powder, contour, highlighting, blushes... just about any face task. The small Hakuhodo Maple Kinoko Brush is a luxury, but it's a great and useful luxury, so it's worth considering even if you're not a brush collector.

Bonus photo: Sophie (whose hair is softer than any brush):

Hakuhodo Maple Kinoko Brush Small ($75) is available from They ship worldwide.

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  1. That is a lovely brush and an even lovelier kitty. I really like the maple, kind of reminds me of the old men's brushes they used to use for putting on shaving cream (at least they remind me of my dad which is a good thing). This might be a good Christmas present to me from me. :)


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