Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Want: Ringly Wearable Technology

I'm the last person in the universe who cares about wearable technology. I had a boyfriend once who kept wearing the watch/calculator from his Bar-Mitzvah way into adulthood, and that has traumatized me for life. But Ringly is bordering on genius. My phone always seems to sink into the very bottom of my purse, and since I keep the ring sound quite low (and forget to dial up when leaving the house), I tend to miss calls and not see texts for hours. This ring connects to one's phone (both iOS and Android). You customize the app to tell it whose calls or texts you want to see, and it vibrates and lights up (there's) a tiny light thing on the side of the band). It can also reminds you of meetings, if you need it to do so. And it's actually pretty.

The one above called Dive Bar is a limited edition rhodium-plated setting and a tourmaline quartz ($195, like most of the line). I think it's my favorite and the one I want most, but I'm also partial to the one below, Into The Woods, is the fanciest (18 karat gold and a real emerald) and is priced at $260.

Yes, please.


  1. I love the design of the design, but I do not have a phone. Love quartz too.

  2. Holy crap. This ring is absolutely gorgeous on its own, even without the tech. Love the idea! I definitely see why it's a "want."


  3. That's such a genius idea. I mean technology coming in the form of a ring, who would have known... Gotta check it out ASAP

  4. I saw this and immediately thought it was a fantastic idea with gorgeous stying, but with limited functionality for the price. I have been eyeing the "cuff" which also has a jewelry based notification concept, but integrates fitness tracking and also a sort of panic button that alerts designated people if you are ever in trouble, providing them with an audio track of what is going on at the scene. It allows you to move the cuff device between a selection of different jewelry pieces (which they claim will expand after launch), so it is pretty flexible allowing you to change up your look. It is quite a bit cheaper than Ringly, but doesn't start shipping until March, 2015, so I am hesitant to preorder so far out. There is also a notification bracelet on Kickstarter, but I don't like the design so I passed it by. This seems to be a trend right now, and I think it is a great idea. I have missed many a call or text when my phone was buried in my bag, or if I left it at my desk when in a meeting and forgot to check it when I returned.


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