Friday, September 19, 2014

Quote Of The Day: Aerin Lauder On Casual Fridays

Aerin Lauder on what her grandmother would be horrified to see in today’s workplace…
Probably casual Fridays for men. She would not like Lacoste [shirts] at the office. I come from an environment where the men actually say, ‘Is it OK if I take off my jacket?’ in a meeting. Everyone wears suits; it is a very dressed-up world. Even if I wear jeans, I still wear a blazer and jewelry. I think there is something nice about coming to work and dressing nicely.”

Photo and quote from Glamour Magazine.


  1. I don't come from a work environment that was über formal, but I do come from a time when people definitely dressed up for work or school. Men, women, and children all had essentially two wardrobes--what we wore for work; what we wore for play. I remember when Casual Friday first came on the scene. It was aimed at the average office worker and was viewed as a perk, a moral booster if you will, to signal the end of the week. People in administrative positions; however, never dressed down for Casual Friday. Their mantra was, "When you take off your jacket, you take off your authority." The rational was that they never knew what emergency or matter of importance might walk through their door and they had to look like they were in control no matter what day of the week it was. I've been retired now for six years, but I bet it hasn't changed all that much in more conservative work environments.

    1. Eileen, nope, it hasn't. I work at a college that has fac/staff dress down Fridays (as if faculty ever need to be told to dress down!) and I tell my husband, "I'll dress down when I see the VPs do it" (I'm lower-level admin). Sometimes I'll wear nice dark rinse jeans and a dark blazer on Fridays, but then, I'm blessed with a secluded office.

  2. I have 30 (gulp) years of bank and law office supprt staff experience. I have no doubt I have been given more interesting and higher profile assignments because I always dress up! Ladies, sleeves and a belt.....gentlemen, too......


  3. Obviously General Motors hasn't gotten the message.

  4. I so agree with her. But the main reason I wanted to comment today is to say I covet that gorgeous sofa! That color! And it looks so comfy, cozy. :-)

  5. I am with her all the way. I really loathe slovenliness. My husband of 32 years still looks divine in a 3 pc suit. However, his law offices have graduated from casual Friday to casual everyday when appropriate.

  6. I would always be immaculately dressed up too if I was a billionaire like her.

  7. Hello Gaia,

    I agree with Aerin 100%. We have entered a world where workout attire is the norm. When I taught, the more difficult children responded to my direction, because I dressed professionally and carried myself differently than some of my colleagues that chose to dress in jeans and sneakers. I even tell my own children we only get one chance to make a good impression. Everyday and any moment can be your chance. You do not need to be a "billionaire" to look polished and neat, just a little effort.


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