Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Tom Ford Négligée Fall 2014 Lip Color

The two lipsticks for Fall 2014 were almost lost in the mayhem surrounding Tom Ford Nude Dip eye shadow palette. But they shouldn't be. Tom ford lipsticks are among the most luxurious ones you can find and I adore each one I've ever purchased. I was good this time and only chose one, Négligée, a warm mauve color. It's a bit muted and understated next to the berry and plums that usually mark fall collections, which is a nice change (you can always get Crimson Noir or Bruised Plum).

If you're familiar with Tom Ford lipsticks you know the formula is beautiful and smooth, rich and nourishing without being too heavy or goopy, and applies as easily as in a lipstick commercial. Coverage is full and opaque even in light and nude colors, and obviously in darker ones like Négligée. Longevity is similar to that of Cle de Peau and Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy: good but not nuclear, and requires reapplying after a meal.

Tom Ford lipsticks are scented, but at least in this case the fragrance is stronger in the tube than when it actually goes on the lips, and I forget about it within seconds. They're made in Belgium, which for some reason I find enticing--- just like divine chocolate, I guess. The packaging is as impeccable as always: heavy, magnetic, and elegant.

Bottom Line: like a perfect cashmere sweater.

om Ford Négligée Fall 2014 Lip Color ($50) is a limited edition. available at select department stores and online.


  1. Why is this being done to me? I have been trying to talk myself away from Negligee and Bruised Plum. I was nearly making it!

  2. This color is so strange, I've heard it described many ways online but I took a chance and ordered it. It is really the perfect warm natural lip color for me (I usually wear more cool leaning mauves). It is surprisingly just that good against my fair skin that I may need to have a backup.

  3. I always say no more lipsticks and then Fall (and great swatches) comes around; I usually purchase at least 4-5 new lip colors each year!

  4. Like Evelyn, I saw so many different swatches of Negligee and read so many different descriptions, my head was spinning! When I swatched it at the TF counter, though, I fell in love with it's plummy goodness. Whether it is pressed on as a stain with a bit of balm to give subtle gleam or applied full force with a lip brush to reveal its mouth-watering depth of color, Negligee is autumn in a tube :-)

  5. Negligee just arrived at my door and I've already smeared some on. As Evelyn and Eileen have noted, it's a bit hard to nail down a perfect description of this color. I don't get much of the plum that Eileen sees, unfortunately. On me (fair neutral skin), it's quite warm, kind of red/brown with juuuuust enough mauve to make it wearable. In my mind--before I got it--I'd decided it would resemble Rouge G Galante. It doesn't; Galante is much cooler, much more my kind of color. Nonetheless, Negligee should be effortless to wear in many situations: it'll look polished for work yet casual enough for everyday without degenerating to ho-hum, if that makes sense. Glad I got it, and I hope you enjoy yours! (Now I want Bruised Plum...)


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