Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cats Of The Day



Gray is a pretty dominant color in our home, and tabbies ran rampant. Marigold and Gemma (as well as Pippa, who evaded the camera today) are littermates and about 18 month old. Giselle, who just turned six, is truly one of a kind. And she knows it.


  1. You have some beautiful cats. Thanks for the great pics.

  2. They are all such incredible beauties! I love Marigold's collar - a purely cheerful design and colors. And, this may well be because I'm still reading *way* too many vintage Vogues and Bazaars, but the way Gemma is posed and looking at the camera reminds me very much of a 1950s movie star photo. Thanks for posting these!

  3. Naming a brown tabby "Marigold" is dumb. But why am I not surprised?

  4. Beautiful cats! Love that you share the photos of your lovely kitties!

    Too bad another commenter has nothing better to do than to make nasty comments about it. They're more than welcome to take their misery elsewhere.

  5. I adore kitty photos! Giselle is ten times more beautiful than the human model of the same name. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Lovely, lovely kitties and excellent photos.

    Now I am wondering whether they like perfume and, if so, what their favourites are and if they suit their personalities .........


  7. Now you've got me wondering: exactly why is Giselle one of a kind. Is it the cute little cat-things she does, is it just her loving personality, or what?

    Thank you and I apologize for being nosy - I just love cats.


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