Monday, June 29, 2015

Currently- June 2015

Judy Blume- In the Unlikely Event. Makes me want to go and reread all of Judy Blume's books from my childhood and adolescence.I need to check what's available as a Kindle book.

Jacco Gardner- Brightly

John Oliver- Last Week Tonight. Also, Inside Amy Schumer. Outrageous and hilarious.

Lots and lots and lots of vintage Chanel No.19.

Coral glosses and lipsticks.

Frequently Worn Item/Outfit

Guilty Pleasure
Not really guilty, but the the fact it's probably irreplaceable makes using my Givenchy III body oil a poignant pleasure.

California-style cottage cheese from Friendship Dairies. Don't laugh. It's the best cottage cheese I've ever had, and I could live on it. I kind of do, actually.

iPad charging cords. They stop functioning, and I can't even blame the cats in all cases.

Last week's SCOTUS ruling on marriage equality.

A weekend away with friends.

More perfume storage. We actually tried to change the layout of our bedroom to see if we can fit in another cabinet. We could, but the layout didn't work for us. so back to the first square.

Random Thought
Why did it take WholeFoods a month to restock their dried strawberries?

How are you doing? What are your loves, joys, banes, recommendations, and random thoughts? Please share.

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  1. Book: Fun Home by Alison Bechdel. Funny, intelligent, heartbreaking, and the basis for the current Broadway smash. It is available as an e-book, but since it's told in pictures as much as in words, paper is the way to go.

    Music: Peter Gabriel's cover of Magnetic Fields' "The Book Of Love."

    Fragrance: Guerlain's Heritage. Monster sillage, mega longevity.

    Food: Homemade oatmeal cookies with dried cherries. Also green salads with balsamic-dijon vinaigrette.

    Joy: Marriage Equality. I may have to start dating again.

    Bane: Northeastern Ohio is very soggy due to all the rain. It's not a tan, it's rust! If I could transfer most of it to the Pacific Coast, I certainly would, and in a nanosecond.

    Anticipations: A favorite cousin's (third) wedding on July 11th, my 55th birthday. Also, a bottle of Tom Ford Grey Vetiver......which I plan on getting with birthday money.

    Gratitudes: Cats. Friends. Computers. Farm markets.

    Lawrence and Rosa del Gata in soggy, soggy Ohio

  2. Joys: all the books! new perfume samples, dinners of mozzerella and tomatoes (even better when I can find buratta in stock), upcoming vacation.

    Wearing M. Micaleff's Pomelos and I will be sad when I run out and can't find it anymore. Anyone know of a source?

  3. Definitely sharing your charger(s) bane. My husband and I have like a nest of them developing. It's really getting ridiculous.

  4. Currently am taking a mini break from anxieties, fears - they'll come back soon enough, but am so over the moon happy about the Supreme Court's marriage decision that I can't let anything get in the way of my celebrating that (although here in NC they recently passed legislation allowing court officials who have religious objections to refuse to marry a gay couple - hope this will soon be challenged and done away with).

    Perfume: Wearing Mandy's Bergamoss is helping in my celebratory mood - so loving it! And got a great bottle of vintage Vent Vert and another of Scandal for surprisingly decent prices (on my mini break am willfully ignoring the fact that in the last month I have balanced this good luck out by purchasing two bottles of Joy parfum that turned out to be factices - with boxes with signs of wear, slight evaporation stains and all the relevant papers for bottles with actual perfume inside - very realistic. Ugh!).

    Food: You've reminded me how absolutely delicious really good cottage cheese can be. It's been ages, but I used to get cottage cheese from Mayfield, a dairy company here in the South. Am not sure if it's still as good as it used to be, but am going to go out today and get some - fingers crossed! I also just got some Cefalu Mediterranean salt - am infinitely grateful that I have abnormally low blood pressure, because I can't even imagine a life with salt restrictions. Very high on my wish list is a large pink salt block to cook on. And DH and I are both becoming seriously addicted to cherries this summer - managing to erase many scary childhood memories of eating cherries with worms in them.

    Books: Sarah Caudwell's Thus Was Adonis Murdered and am about to start Manil Suri's The City of Devi.

    Music: Aaron Copland - don't care what people may think about him. I adore his music. The incredible optimism of parts of Appalachian Spring and Rodeo can bring me to tears.

  5. A current joy, other than your blog, is the smell of a variety of herbs and scented geraniums on my patio.
    Really liking Tarte (cruelty free) LipSurgence for summer lip tint.
    One other joy is going to sound strange to the carnivores out there. As a vegan for 30 plus years, I never enjoy the smell of my neighbors grilling meat all summer. It ruins my evenings! I recently started burning incense outside and it's helping so much! I recommend this to anyone suffering horrible outdoor smells. I always loved incense, but find it too smoky indoors, so this is really working great.

  6. Book: Crazy Rich Asians--over the top, tongue in cheek, jet-setting soap opera that is a fun summer read.

    Music: Revisiting Murray Perahia's Bach's Partitas.

    TV: America's Got Talent and Master Chef.

    Perfume: Jo Malone Orange Blossom. During this heat wave, it strikes just the right note.

    Makeup: Keeping it light and summery with a side of glam compliments of Tom Ford.

    Frequently Worn Item: Sunhats!

    Guilty Pleasure: Crazy Rich Asians and I just purchase the sequel China Rich Girlfriend.

    Food: Salads, salads, and more salads.

    Bane: Nada

    Joy: An impromptu trip to New Zealand to visit my step-father and his family. They rolled out the red carpet for me.

    Anticipation: A break in this dry, hot weather! It's been particularly harsh because of our severe drought.

    Wishlist: A new carry-on bag.

    Random Thought: Why do so many people think replacing grass with rocks and astro turf is the answer to cutting back on watering during a drought? Those things create radiate more heat and they don't replenish the oxygen in our air. Native plants do the job, are more esthetically pleasing, and help the atmosphere.

  7. Music
    La Roux (both albums)

    Parfumerie Generale - Corps et Âmes (both versions)

    MAC Victoriana lipstick & Essie Rosebowl nail polish



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