Monday, June 15, 2015

LORAC Alter Ego Eye Shadow Palette in Heartbreaker (Ulta Exclusive)

I had every intention to ignore Lorac's summer palette, at the least the one they showed on their website (and in the various newsletters) and also offered via Nordstrom. I thought it was cute but not particularly useful. Then I discovered that there was a second Lorac Alter Ego palette, one that was exclusive to Ulta, with colors that had me at first swatch.

I had to.

Obviously, this is a departure from the all-matte palettes I've shown you last week, but hey, it's summer, and a dab of colorful shimmer on an otherwise neutral eye looks good on just about anyone. There's something to be said for light-reflecting that brings out the best of your eye color. Since the colors are wonderfully pigmented you only need a little, and the fine texture makes application and blending very easy. Lorac has made things even easier in this palette by providing the matte base color that you can apply first all over the eye lid to help the other colors look and perform even better. Those of you who dislike tacky primers would love this base (it's just a powder eye shadow with a skin-like texture).

The highlighter is not strictly necessary. There's enough color and shimmer in the actual eye shadows, but I do like this ivory color and need to remember to use it with other makeup look. It's a lovely touch for the inner corner.

Most of the colors in the Lorac Alter Ego palette are actually easy everyday colors that you can accent with a touch of summer blues. Here''s what we've got here:

1  A very low shimmer light brown. Basic and wearable . Probably the one I'll make the deepest dent.
2  Pink Champagne. Another basic.
3  Probably the most difficult color for me, a warm purple that reminds me of summer flowers. Very beautiful and will look stunning against green eyes.
4  A classic bronze. A staple for summer nights.
5  Deep blue sea. My favorite. I use it as an eye contour with a slightly damp brush.
6  Silver. Not the most inventive, but useful for a good ole' smoky eye.
7  Aqua. I use it sparingly under the lower lashes with an otherwise neutral eye.
8 A cool dark brown. Another important basic that works to counterbalance the deep blue one.

The amount of fallout is rather minimal, especially when used with small soft brushes that don't kick much products. I think the Aqua made the biggest mess, but even that wasn't a huge deal. I love the many options and combinations this palette gives me, and its true summery feel. I wish it was American made. I admit I forgot to check before picking it up at my local Ulta, but it's manufactured in China, which disappoints me (Lorac is an American brand). But other than that, it's one of those highly satisfying seasonal treats.

LORAC Alter Ego Eye Shadow Palette in Heartbreaker ($24) is an Ulta Exclusive.Available in stores and online.


  1. I really like this palette. I have so many palettes that the only one's that catch my eye anymore are colorful and shades I don't already have. This is really pretty & fun for the Spring and Summer time. :)

  2. These are lovely colors for summer. However, I am not comfortable with makeup items manufactured in China because I have reservations about their health standards (witness all the problems with dog food and drywall during the past few years). I'm especially frustrated with makeup lines who are not always clearly forthcoming on their country of manufacture (lookin' at you, Sephora). Are there any websites where one can verify these kind of details? Am I the only one with this concern?

  3. Oh this palette is so damn gorgeous! All the shades are stunning and I love shimmery/metallic shades to death! My favorite shades are 3,4, 5 and 6!

  4. hmm, wonder if Lorac is cruelty free then. Still, this is a great value! I always ignore these little palettes and maybe I'll look into picking this up...first I need to clarify their cruelty free status


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