Tuesday, June 02, 2015

NARS Velvet Shadow Stick In Nunavut

Some people go crazy for food-on-a-stick. I'm equally nuts about eye shadow in stick format. It's the combination of the cream texture and performance with the durable space-saving package and ease of application. NARS took their time in releasing their version, Velvet Shadow Stick, but it was worth the wait, because they've actually succeeded in bringing something new to the market: a matte finish in colors that look completely different than those by the other brands.

I chose Nunavut, a dark and murky purple, because I have nothing remotely similar. But now that I've been using it I know that eventually I'll get a couple of others, because this is a unique enough product. The NARS people were spot on when describing the finish as velvety matte. It gives intense full-coverage pigment, and makes for a high-impact focal point of the makeup look. The product sets quickly, so you need to work efficiently one eye at a time, blend as much or as little as you want, layer other eye shadows or don't, use the stick or transfer a bit to a brush: all are techniques you're probably familiar with from working with other brands (Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown). Longevity and reliability are also on par, so no surprises there. It's the color and finished look that made me a huge fan of Nunavut.

As you can see, there's something slightly grayed about this color, yet the warmer your skin the less gray it will appear. My eyelids are relatively dark, so I use only a small amount as to not look to goth, but it's incredibly tempting to go all out, especially since the eye shadow doesn't crease, melt, or migrates. At all.

Bottom Line: excellent.

NARS Velvet Shadow Stick In Nunavut ($28) is available from select department stores, Sephora (at least not yet), and narscosmetics.com.


  1. This color looks gorgeous, and just the right amount of purple and grey to work a number of different looks. I must try this soon!

  2. This looks gorgeous and unlike anything I've seen from other brands.


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