Thursday, June 04, 2015

Kjaer Weis Goddess & Sensuous Plum Lip Tint

I was on a little quest to get all the Kjaer Weis colors that suit me. I think I've finally did it, with the addition of Goddess (a dark burgundy, more intense than Passionate and redder than Beloved), and Sensuous Plum, a surprising nude color with some mauve leanings.

Fans of Kjaer Weis lip tints already know that these are sheer balm-like liquid lipsticks that can be built up and layered to intensify the pigment or applied casually as a light stain that feels incredible on the lips (they contain nourishing ingredients such as jojoba oil, shea butter, and others) and give them just enough color and life when you don't want a too lipsticky look. A lip brush (Kjaer Weis have their own, but any will do) allows for a polished look, but if you're a finger painter that's fine, too.

As for the colors here, Goddess is pretty obvious (and gorgeous. I love it so much!), while Sensuous Plum has surprised me with the huge difference between pan and swatch. It's a truly neutral/nude that Kirsten Kjaer Weis herself describes as
Sensuous Plum gives the hint of a little make-up, with a chic, polished finish to it.
Now, the exact shade you'll get from Sensuous Plum depends on the natural pigment of your lips. Mine have enough rose/purple to bring more mauve to the surface, while if your lips are pail you'll get a more true nude. In any case, it's a versatile and easy to wear color.

Like all Kjaer Weis products, these lip tints can be purchased in their full packaging (a stunning sleek compact designed by Mark Atlan) or as the refills you see above, which can be easily tucked into a free-form magnetic palette (I use Z-palettes).

Kjaer Weis Goddess & Sensuous Plum Lip Tint ($29 each for a refill, $49 each for the full presentation) are available from Osswald NYC and directly from

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