Thursday, June 11, 2015

Two Fabulous Eyeliner Pencils: Kiko & Vincent Longo

I've added two eyeliner pencils to the overflowing cups on the vintage tea cart that holds most of my eye brushes and eyeliners (easy to move around as needed). The Vincent Longo was a press sample that quickly became my current favorite brown eyeliner (Vincent Longo Pro-Waterproof Eye Pencil in Cacao, $22, at Nordstrom, Dermstore and other online sources). You can't beat anything waterproof on a NYC summer (as I've discovered yet again when a favorite black pencil, Lancome, I think, migrated south south south...). Thus, a creamy, almost gel-like that's kind to the waterline yet stays where it should once set really saves my face. The medium brown color is easy to wear, does its job and looks less harsh than black, especially in strong sunlight. Definitely a winner.

I had to use the flash on this Kiko pencil swatch so I can show you just how metallic it is.

Then we have the last item I picked at the Kiko Milano store in the Garden State Plaza. Kiko Glamorous Eye Pencil #409, a metallic ocean blue color. This pencil goes on like a true gel, and is incredibly soft. It's smudgeable, and doesn't fully set, so I use it more as an eye shadow-enhancement or even set it with a tiny amount of translucent powder, but it's incredibly gorgeous so I can't keep it aside waiting for cooler and dryer weather. You must use a primer and remember not to rub your eyes, but it's kind of worth it for the color. The pencil is made in Germany (almost all other Kiko products are made in Italy, so this is an exception) and contains carmine. I still can't tell you how much it costs since as you may remember, I put the receipt aside so I can blog about it and promptly forgot where it is. Somewhere between a song and a peanut, I'm guessing, which is a good thing considering performance. Also:  as with all shimmer pencils, I wouldn't use it on the waterline.


  1. I love the idea of the tea cart!

    You know, as many times as I have sucumbed to kiko I think I only own one pencil of their permanent range, the Teddy dupe. It seems that I need to remedy that!

  2. Kiko is such a fantastic company, I love their stuff! I have a particular fondness for their eyeshadow pencils - that really do not budge. And did you see their groovy 'James Bond' lipstick cases that you have to push from the top to unclick and make the lipstick bit drop out so you can use it. For a fiver! Fabulous.

  3. For what it's worth, Kiko has a website - it's in Italian and you can't order to the USA, but you can see their product lineup and prices (in Euros).

  4. The more I hear about Kiko - the more intrigued I am. This blue is so perfect for summer paired with bronze and beige shadows. :)


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