Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Kiko Milano Mosaic Blush 08 Hypnotic Mauve

Previously on The Non-Blonde: I go shopping with a friend and find a treasure.

This blush was another one of my Kiko discoveries. I think it's a limited edition, and since I'm on a blush kick at the moment I was more than thrilled with how pretty it is. Yes, mosaic blushes are not exactly a new thing, but isn't this pebble pattern adorable? And more important: the color itself, a true mauve, flattering and wearable.

I was blown away by the texture of this Kiko blush. It's one of those silky, inner-glow, pigmented and blendable that you usually see from very high-end brands. The blush is lovely on skin, lasts the entire day (and we've had some clammy sweaty days here recently) and overall it's simply a great product and a wonderful addition to any blush wardrobe.

As I've mentioned in my previous Kiko post, I misplaced the receipt of the little shopping spree, so I can't tell you exactly how cheap it was, but the four items I bought set me back $40-something. It makes me want to run back to the Kiko store at the Garden State Plaza and fill several more shopping bags. Because it's that good.


  1. I wanted to pick up this blush when I was in Kiko so bad! Unfortunately they were completely out of it. ]=
    Though I did manage to snag the mosaic highlighter, and if the blush is anything like the highlighter, I can see why you like it so much!
    ♡Em |

  2. Oh how I wish Kiko was sold here ...... that is just lovely!

  3. Hello Gaia,

    My sister just returned from Milan and brought back some Kiko products; they were nice but not as lovely as your blush. I hear their eyeshadow sticks are exact dupes (formula-wise) for Laura Mercier Caviar sticks. I'm hoping to get my hands on those soon and do a little comparison. :)

    -Maria /

  4. Omg, I'm so freaking jealous of you! I wish I could get Kiko in asia, I've tried some of their products thanks to a friend in Germany and they are awesome. I love that color, it's to die for!


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