Tuesday, January 17, 2012

NARS Lhasa Eye Shadow Spring 2012

I predict that NARS Lhasa single eye shadow from the Spring 2012 is going to become a classic. Described on NARS website as "a shimmery lavender grey" it's a bit too cool to be considered a true taupe (see comparison to Le Metier de Beaute Corinthian) but still close enough, especially in direct sunlight. Lhasa has a beautiful texture, rich pigment and it plays incredibly well with just about any color you pair with it (once again-- a navy blue eyeliner is your dear friend).

There's a reason this color category is so popular- it looks good on most and can be played up or down as needed. NARS is offering us here one of the prettiest variations on this theme- a very neutral shade that manages to be unique enough even among other of its kind. Amy from Cafe Makeup has already done a great color comparison of Lhasa next to various other classics from Chanel, NARS and Shu Uemura. I chose different eye shadows for comparison: Edward Bess Storm, Becca Lamé, Sue Devitt Berlin, Paula Dorf Day Dream, Kjaer Weis Wisdom and LMdB Corinthian. All of these are as fabulous as they come, great colors in superb textures. NARS Lhasa holds its own among them. It's slightly more intense than Edward Bess Storm but certainly in the same color family. Lhasa is warmer than Sue Devitt's Berlin and looks closest to Becca Lamé. The other three (Kjaer Weiss, Paula Dorf and LMdB) are true taupes and you can see that Lhasa is different.

Bottom Line: a classic is born.

NARS Lhasa Eyeshadow Single ($23) is a Spring 2012 addition to the permanent line. Available from narscosmetics.com. This products was sent to me free of charge by the company.


  1. How would you say it compares to Burberry Rosewood?

  2. Tammie, Burberry Rosewood is slightly lighter and significantly warmer than NARS Lhasa.

  3. Thank you so much Gaia :). I want Lhasa but I just got Rosewood. I'm glad to hear Lhasa is cooler and darker, I really wanted a cool taupe. While this isn't exactly a taupe I think it fits the bill :)

  4. Ooooh it's so pretty! I've wanted something like this for ages just to wear as a sheer wash. As a pale blue-eyed blonde there is only so many options for everyday wear that isn't brown or beige. Unfortunately this eyeshadow wasn't around when I finally caved in, so I bought Shale from MAC...which is pretty. But it's just not the cool lavender grey I'd been dreaming of. But this seems to be! Truly a classic.

  5. I think the Sue Devitt eye intensifier pencil in Victoria Falls is just the ticket for this gorgeous shadow. The slightly cobalt blue will really make this lavender grey pop. Will have to head to my local Sephora and play a bit!

  6. I'm so delighted about this post. Your reviews of Day Dream, Storm & Corinthian resulted in perfect shades for my hazel eyes. I was going to swatch myself and compare when Spring 2012 is locally available. Now, I can save my arm and some laundry soap. After seeing it, I may go totally rogue and purchase Berlin. I pray for self control...

  7. It looks lovely and this is a very 'me' colour. I am relieved that it is permanent as hopefully I will still be able to get my hands on it once my eyeshadow buying ban is over. Many thanks for the comparison swatches.


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