Monday, July 26, 2010

Guerlain Blush 4 Eclats Fall 2010 Caresse de L'Aube (07)

Maybe I need to rethink my blush application policy. I'm very careful and mindful about keeping things natural looking and avoiding clown face situations. I apply lightly and check how I look under the track lights in my dressing room and in natural-ish light and it looks fine. Then I arrive at one department store or another and the SAs come after me with brushes announcing I absolutely need some blush. Glancing at the mirror I realize that I look deathly pale and also slightly green. Of course, the harsh light at department stores does nothing for anyone's skin tone, but still, looking at least semi-alive is kind of a priority.

The last SA who tried to perk me up was the Guerlain specialist at Bloomingdale's. The husband was with me but all the brush wielding scared him back to the men's department while I surrendered my face to some color. I've always been a fan of Guerlain bronzers and face powders, and the Blush 4 Eclats didn't disappoint. The new fall 2010 color combination, Caresse de L'Aube ("caress of dawn") is warm and light. It would be very difficult to overdo it  with this blush, so I can relax and indulge. As the Guerlain SA showed me how to apply Caresse de L'Aube there was no doubt it did my face a world of good, color-wise. Also, you can swipe from either side to collect more of the dark and warm or emphasize the lighter and more shimmery and also create highlighting and contouring effects if that's your thing. I just like the option to adjust and control the level of color and shimmer.

I've been using this Blush 4 Eclats almost every day in the last few weeks and it's among my most favorites. The texture is as fine as it gets and melts into my face makeup. It's pretty, easy and doesn't compete with whatever else I have going. KarlaSugar has a swatch photo taken in full sun, while mine is indoors under strong lights.

Bottom Line: Pretty and goes well with the stunning eye makeup colors for fall.

Guerlain Blush 4 Eclats ($49) can be found at most decent department stores.

All photos are mine.


  1. that looks absolutely lovely. I have heard so many great things about guerlain blushes

  2. I have reactive skin and even the gentle pressure of a make-up brush will bring up the color in my cheeks. I used to think I had put on enough blush only to have it all but disappear about 15-20 minutes later when my natural flush had faded. By that time I was usually out the door and going about my business looking, as you put it, deathly pale. Since then, I've learned to take one last look at my blush before heading out. Invariably, I need to add a wee bit more.

    I tried Caresse de L'Aube when I was playing with Guerlain's new eye palettes (Gorgeous!). It looks beautiful with fall's smokey eyes and will be my go to blusher this autumn.


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