Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Armed and Dangerous (or: how I fought my demons and curled my lashes)

Everyone is entitled to at least one irrational fear. Mine is: "stuff that gets into my eyes". This is why it took me forever to learn how to apply eye makeup, and it wasn't until my very late teens that purchased my first mascara. I thought that even if it wasn't going to kill me, I was sure to go blind. Thankfully, I managed to get over that one and learned how to wield a mascara wand with the best of them.

One thing I was sure I wouldn't get anywhere near my eyes is an eyelash curler. This thing has always given me the heebie-jeebies. A metallic apparatus is not something I ever wanted to see at zero range. Having naturally long and thick lashes has always let me get by with only a light coating of mascara. The only problem is that said long lashes stick straight and there's only so much that Estee and Co. can do.

The realization that a beauty blogger worth her lotions and potions must not cower at the face of a beauty challenge has been dawning on me for some time now. Books, magazines and bloggers has been singing the praise of Shu Uemura's eyelash curler for years. Finally, I caved.

Sephora stores seem to only carry their own brand, though Shu and several other brands are available on their web site. I ordered online and waited patiently. When it arrived I reported at the mirror and went to town.

Well, not exactly. I did have several freakout moments while trying to place the clamps at the right place, way too close to my eyeballs that I would have liked. The strange pulling sensation that I felt (or imagined) didn't make me very happy, but finally I got it. The exact placing, the right angle and the hand movement.

Cue some kind of Hallelujah music. Or something from Lord of the Ring Score.

It works and it makes a difference. I had no idea that my own lashes can look this way, and I'm thanking the Shu from the bottom of my heart.

I still refuse to consider one of the heated curlers. You must draw the line somewhere.

Photo: Candy Darling by Robbert Mapplethorpe, 1972


  1. I have one of these. I will never give it up!

  2. Just saw this after the posting on the Lancome mascara post. I too remember the hallelujah moment, you've got to get those tricky little suckers just right to get the outer lashes pointing out and up. I'm not really in to that whole full on fan like Twiggy look, while it looks great on Twiggy one could end up more with your pictured Tyra disaster. I think when you get those outer lashes just right, finishing of with a quick extra coat just on the outer ones, it gives the eye a more appealing shape and open look without overkill panda eyes.

  3. I caved and bought this not too long ago too! I have medium-long curly lashes, but this makes my lashes SUPER curly! If I wear mascara that gives me more volume, curl them a little with Shu, people think I'm wearing fake ones. I totally love them!

    But the strange pulling feeling does feel, well, strange.


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