Thursday, February 08, 2007


The one beauty-related subject that I know nothing about is hair coloring. I've never dyed or highlighted my hair, making my non-blonde mane pretty useless for testing products such as the new conditioner from Clairol.

Luckily, my friend Teresa has the right head for this, and she tested the conditioning gloss on her blond locks. Here is Teresa's review:

Every girl who dyes her hair at home knows that the last moments of the whole process are the most rewarding moments. As she slathers her hair with the contents of the tube of conditioner she found in the bottom of her hair dye box, she feels almost…self-indulgent. At that moment, her hair is as soft as it can be. That’s why when I got my tube of Nice ‘N Easy ColorSeal Conditioning Gloss in the mail, I was eager to give it a try.

Though I suppose it’s the promise of healthy and shiny hair that really matters, my first glance at the lacklustre tube of conditioning gloss leaves me disappointed. I must admit that I am one of those consumers who likes pretty packages; I am one of those fools who often buys the shampoo for its pretty container as much as for its promises. While the blue and silver tube in my hand is simple and sleek, I’ve seen this particular design inside my boxes of hair dye before. This product won’t jump off the shelf at me; it’ll take a little advertising to sell.

After putting all my strange hang-ups aside, I hop (not literally—though I am excited, there are no jumping beans in my panties!) into the shower to see what comes of actually opening the product. I read the instructions on the tube and I can say that as I put the quarter-sized amount of conditioner in my hair, I think to myself it’s about time they put this stuff on the store shelves! I’ve always wondered why they limited this stuff strictly to hair dye packages. After about a two minute wait, I rinse out my hair, and there’s that familiar but decadent sensation of touching smooth, extremely moisturized hair.

We all know that companies make promises. This time, they’ve vowed to keep my hair from “looking faded, dull and dry” just by sealing the cuticle of my hair once a week with ColorSeal Conditioning Gloss. After having tested it out, I am optimistic this time; I’ve got a little tube of conditioner that I believe in. If anything is going to protect my hair from becoming brittle and dry this winter, this could be it (I wonder if they make a facial moisturizer?) And I can use it with any of the various hair dyes I grab off the shelf—extra-light blond on the cheap? Great. Put it in the cart! (Who’s to be expected to remember which one they used last month?) At least I have the comfort of knowing that even if my hair turns green, I can still make it smooth, shiny, and soft. That might seem like a small order to some but after having been a hair dye addict for so long, I’ve done some damage to this mop of mine.

Thumbs up to Nice ‘n Easy for finally doing it.

As far as I know, this product hits the shelves next month, but looks like the good people at have already got it.


  1. I will have to try this! I dye at home regularly, and while I hate Feria dye, I adore their conditioner and stockpile it from the beauty supply stores.

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  3. I always wondered why the conditioner typically sold in a box of hair dye was never available by itself. Not only do I dye my hair at home, but it's also really dry and brittle so I'm always looking for heavy duty conditioners. Feria conditioner (like NowSmellThis points out) is amazing, but it's one of the few you can buy separately.


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