Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Spring in Paris

Let's take a break from ridiculous looking makeup and enjoy spring products done right. Bourjois Paris (a Chanel-owned company) has just introduced Petite Guide de Style, adorable eye shadow pairs. The packaging looks like a tiny booklet, and I love it for practical reasons: It takes minimal space (can even fit in your pocket), and unlike the usual plastic compact isn't prone to breaking (important when a certain kitten gets into my cabinet and starts tossing things out. I wish I were kidding).

The colors are gorgeous and wearable, the combinations make sense, and the quality is great. The shadows are nicely pigmented, easy to apply and last without flaking or creasing (I use them over a primer). I could probably wear them all, with the notable exception of Coquette Rosette, a too rosy/too violet duo that doesn't agree with my coloring. The one I finally chose is the very springy Miss Spirit, that you can see in this picture. The lighter shadow has just enough peach in the beige to warm up the skin, the dark green is pretty, works well to define and complement my eyes. It's shimmery, but not overdone. Just what a (good) spring look should be.

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  1. Hi,love your blog. I'm a green-eyed 30 something, can you recommend a rich purple/plum eyeshadow? Thankyou, Jo.


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