Sunday, February 18, 2007

Two Notes to the Good People at Lancome

1. Please consider adding Socialite to the regular Artliner collection. Please? This metallic taupe color is incredibly versatille and I use it often. It makes a lovely evening look combined with the regular black Artliner closest to the lash line and Socialite just above, to higlight and illuminate. I'll be very sad once my stash is gone.

2. Are you serious about this Proenza Pink lipstick? Bubblegum pink is bad enough, but who can wear something so very pale and still look alive? And these tips about applying it over matt foundation and powdering it aren't going to make any woman look pretty.

(This is the new limited edition color that is supposed to send everyone to their Lancome counter and put their name on the waiting list. It's a one-per-customer deal which will soon appear on eBay and draw crazy bid wars. I'll pass on this one)

Here's the screen capture straight from their website, because soon enough it will be gone:


  1. Hello! Welcome back! And I back you one-hundred percent on the Proenza Pink...I think even fewer people can wear this color than can wear flat browns. Still, the slaves will buy it. Sometimes I wonder how many insiders are really just laughing to themselves...

  2. I couldn't agree with you more about Proenza Pink... it's like Lancome is taunting all the product addicts out there with "it's limited edition, so you know you want it!" So unflattering. I've noticed that a lot of beauty bloggers have only positive things to say, so I'm glad you spoke out!

    This whole movement toward limited edition cosmetics pisses me off and I actually wrote a post about it if you want to check it out here:

  3. PU, PU ! [Pronounced:pee-yoo !]
    Tasteless claptrap.
    Even Mary Quant wouldn't wear this dreck.

    Ya died, and they fergot ta bury ya...

  4. This one doesn't even look attractive in the tube. I can't imagine it on a face!

  5. Greeneyes- we'll be the ones laughing at those walking around sporting this. The trend will be long gone before they use even the tip of this lipstick.

    Meg- Normally, I don't have a problem with limited editions, though I'm going to read your post and see if I change my mind :-) My problem is with limited editions that create a fake trend of something ultra ugly.

    Chaya Good thing that I wasn't drinking anything, or I'd have green tea splashed on my screen. You're the best.

    Carleenp- We should have a contest and see who will be the first one to spot this lipstick on an actual face.


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