Thursday, February 08, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith (1967-2007)

Somewhere, someone is already writing the very trashy book, and you know that the cover will not be one of the photos from her glory days. It's incredibly sad. We've all been watching Ana Nicole Smith's train wreck of a life stopping at all the wrong stations. But I just keep thinking about her 5 month old baby, the one whose paternity question is yet to be determined (the options are Sleazy and Sleazier. It's your pick which is which), who is reportedly being cared for by family(?) friends in the Bahamas.

This should be a huge wake-up call for Lindsay, Britney and their social circle. Please, take care so you don't show up under similar headlines.


  1. You know what made me sad? This morning on Good Morning America, they were talking to her mother, who questioned where ANS's husband (boyfriend?) was when all this was happening...she said, "Usually when she overdoses, he gets her to the hospital in time."

    Apparently, overdosing was a regular thing for her. It makes me sad that nobody around her (as far as I could tell from the story) wanted or tried to get her any *real* help.

    It's very sad.

  2. Tragic is spot-on.
    Who's taking care of the baby ?

  3. Yes, it's tragic. I feel genuinely sorry for her and her two children, one deceased and one more or less orphaned (until paternity is determined). As for the Brit Pack (Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Nicole Ritchie, Mischa /barton, and Paris Hilton) I truly wish they could all trade places with Anna/Vicki.


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