Friday, February 02, 2007

Nothing's Perfect

I've been using Carol's Daughter Hair Milk for the last three weeks, and my hair has never been happier. I needed to learn just how much product (how little, actually) should be used, because this stuff, despite it's milky consistency, is very rich and moisturizing. The old cliche- a little goes a long way- is very true in this case. I'm used to loading my hair with leave-in conditioners, but if I do the same thing here I'd get s super greasy and limp hair. It's amazing, but a dollop of this is all that my extremely long and thick hair needs to stay soft and frizz free.

Because of its weight, my hair is more wavy than curly. It needs lots of moisture. Hair Milk gives it exactly that, keeps it shiny, doesn't let it puff up, but still retains the shape of the long waves and ringlets, something that most products simply can't do.

It smells better than most creams and conditioners. I love the light lemongrass scent.

However, like many other hair products, I must keep it away from my hairline. Last week I wasn't paying attention and let a little lotion contact my skin. The result was a breakout along my hair line. Three unsightly pimples that required the return of my trusty pals- Laboratoire Remède Double Oxygenating Booster and Mario Badescu Healing Cream. As far as I'm concerned, those two are miracle workers. The former kills zits like nothing else I've ever come across, without the nasty drying and flaking that accompany most drugstore products. It might take more than a single application to eliminate a really bad one, but the first results are visible after one night.

The Healing Cream does exactly what it says. It takes care of the redness and heals the skin quickly, even after a really bad pimple. Results are quick and despite its sulfuric base it doesn't stink. While I replaced most of my Badescu cleansing products with a simpler routine, followed by my favorite moisturizer, the Healing Cream is something I must have on hand. It's a skin saver.

The bottom line is that I'm going to be much more careful from now on. Carol's Daughter Hair Milk is an excellent product and does exactly what it promises. It's a great solution for anyone with thick and curly hair, and a tiny amount would solve any dryness problem. However, its side effect for those of us with more sensitive skin can be unpleasant. Not a reason enough to give it up, just apply it v-e-r-y carefully.

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