Saturday, February 24, 2007

Calvin Klein- Eternity

Party Like it's 1988 (Memory Lane, Chapter II)

Technically speaking, Eternity is an 80s fragrance (it was launched in 1988). However, the Calvin Klein scent of the 80s is unquestionably Obsession, a heavy and sultry scent, worthy of Alexis Carrington, your mother and that lady who just left her mark in the elevator.

Eternity, on the other hand, is much more of a 90s scent, with the entire minimalist Calvin Klein look, Christy Turlington and your old pair of black pants. I used to wear it in the early 1990s as a day fragrance, and have always had a bottle around, even at times when I could go for months without actually putting it on.

It was my happy scent. A sunny, sparkly little thing, never intimidating or pushy. It's floral, and a white one at that, but not in a diva, tuberose way. Christy Turlington embodied it well: pretty and clean, yoga-practicing, scandal-free, no drug benders or assistant assaulting. Who doesn't want to look and smell like Christy?

The long lasting dry-down is still uplifting and cute. It's not deep, moody or very evocative, but the reason for it is perhaps all those years of Calvin marketing. It does call back some old memories, but they can't be separated from the Eternity image and ads. Was it me on that beach or was it Christy? I can't remember.

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