Saturday, February 24, 2007

Much Ado

My experience with DuWop products has been underwhelming so far. Yes, they make lovely eye shadows in some of the most beautiful combinations available. But, I deeply disliked their toe polishes (all of them looked cheap) and have found the much-hyped Lip Venom to be nothing to write home about.

Subsurface isn't going to land in my product hall of fame, either. I've been using it here and there for months now, hoping that eventually I would get what it's all about. No such luck.

As with many of their offerings, the basic idea is great. It's a double-duty product that is supposed to deal with two problem areas. One side contain an anti-blemish solution, while the other side is an under-eye primer. It's supposed to be a pre-concealer treatment with some anti-aging action. The problem? Both sides do diddly squat.

The anti-blemish cream is runny and thin. It might contain salicylic acid, but any drugstore product with the same ingredient performs better, and it doesn't come close to my Holy Grail of pimple fighting .

As for the concealer primer, I wonder why no other company that I'm aware of has come with a similar idea. After all, this is a part of the face that can always use some extra help. We have face primers that make foundation more effective, we have eyelid primers that make eye shadow look better and last longer. It makes sense to have a product that help us make the most of our undereye concealer. Unfortunately, this isn't the one. The primer goes on easily enough (I find the brush a bit stiff for such a delicate area), it's very wet and as such quite pleasant and makes the skin feel refreshed, but any non-greasy eye cream would achieve a similar sensation. You need to wait a minute or two before you can apply concealer, but when you do, there's no difference in application or feeling.

I've gone as far as to use the primer only on one eye so I can compare. No difference detected. My dark circles are alive and well, and since I'm using Secret de Vie instead of an eye cream, my undereye area has been happier than ever. The DuWop primer isn't contributing anything, except for adding a couple of minutes to the time it takes me to put on my face.

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  1. I would highly recommend Zenmed product! I've been using the Zenmed for 10 weeks now and it works, just takes time. Everyone who wants quick fixes, remember patience is a virtue. So go ahead and give it a try if you like. Best thing I like is no known side effects! Cheers...


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