Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back To School

The New York branch of Cinquième Sens, the Paris-based perfumery school is officially opening next month. The first class, a two-day introduction to perfumery technique and the language of scents, is described as a "Complete immersion in the perfumery universe, from the origin of raw materials to perfume classification". Those attending the class will learn about:

  • different players in the perfume universe

  • steps required for perfume creation

  • a precise vocabulary for describing scents

  • the main raw materials used in perfume making

  • olfactory families and perfume classification

  • leading brands

When : September 23rd-24th 2008 + 3 other dates in 2008
Where : 274 Madison Avenue, Suite 1804 New York, NY 10016
For more information please contact Laetitia : [email protected] or call 212-686-4123

I can't wait.


  1. OMG - thanks for posting, I want to attend! Are you?

  2. I emailed Laetitia and now waiting to hear back and register. It'd be great if we can go together!

  3. Hello Gaia,

    Thanks so much for this information in your blug

    It's wonderfull for us

    Isabelle FERRAND

  4. How long is this class for and how much does it cost?!?!

    Sounds amazing!!

  5. Dear Kristy,

    I work with Isabelle, out of the New York office. This 2-day introduction training will be on September 23rd and 24th from 9am to 6pm.

    The total cost is $2950 and it includes:
    - a 2-day training
    - a Cinquieme Sens Handbook
    - an Olfactorium (a mini Perfumer Palette)

    Let me know if you want to register. We are limiting these sessions to 8-10 participants.

    Kind Regards,
    Laetitia Longuefosse


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