Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Non-Blonde: FAQs, Policies, Guidelines

I've been getting more and more questions and inquiries regarding the behind-the-scenes of beauty blogging and the way I do stuff. I figured it's about time to post something official and try to put all the answers in one public place. Here goes:

Who writes this blog?
The Non-Blonde has only one writer and editor. That would be me. Everything you read here (unless, of course, I'm quoting another source, which I always credit) is mine.

Can I write for The Non-Blonde? I'd do it for free!
Thank you, but at this point I don't have any plans to open this blog to more writers. Guest appearances by my husband notwithstanding.

Who pays you?
No one.  I'm not paid to write or review anything. I get some income through ads on my side bar, but it's not part of the content.

Do you sell posts or links?Can we place our content on The Non-Blonde?
No, no, and no.
No paid content, ever.
And no wire hangers.

Do you accept (free) products for review?
Yes, if it's something I want to try. However, accepting a product doesn't guarantee that I'd end up blogging about it. I only write if I have something to say, good or bad. I figure that if I'm bored, my readers would feel the same.

Do you write negative reviews?
Have you read this blog?

Seriously, when a company gives you freebies, does it mean you'll write a good review?

What makes you an authority about beauty and fashion?
Absolutely nothing. I'm a former math teacher with a business degree and strong opinions. I have a passion for makeup, cosmetics and perfume and nearly 25 years (eek!) of (obsessive) experience as a user. Still, what you read here is nothing but my very personal opinion. Your mileage may very likely vary.

Can we do a link exchange?
If you like this blog, you're more than welcome to put a link to it on your own site. It's a great compliment which I deeply appreciate. I might do the same if I feel like it.

What about all the other links you have on your sidebar?
If they're here, it means I really really like them.

Can I copy your posts/take your feed to use on my own site?
You can link to me, but if you want my actual content and writing featured on your commercial site, you'll need to pay what I charge as a freelance writer. Contact me for details.

Can we meet in person?
Only if you're not a creepy stalker.

Are you for real?
What you see is what you get.

I'm not a doctor, nor am I a health professional. None of my recommendations can be taken as a medical advice. If you have a skin, hair or another health problem, please discuss it with your physician. I am not responsible for any result or consequence of your decision to try a product that worked for me.

Privacy Policy:
Anything you share with me remains completely private. I don't sell or disclose your information. Never ever, not in a million years.

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  1. Oh, some people visibly have a difficult life. Blogs are about reading, getting some interesting info, other person's opinion and that's it. Then you can make your own opinion and move on. It's about pleasure of sharing some information.

  2. you are one of the few not having ads and I appreciate this when reading.

    Obviously, you get a lot a funny queries ;-)

  3. Lavinia- Exactly. I blog for fun, but apparently it wasn't obvious enough.

  4. Andy- Thanks! I understand why others have ads, it's just not my thing. And those funny queries... indeed :)

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