Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Color Of French Lingerie: OPI Ticle My France (Fall 2008)

I'm not ready for summer to be over. But there's something about fall collections, fall fashion and September editions of all the magazines that even I find exciting. OPI took it to the max with their fall/winter La Collection De France, which (unlike the one from Essie I've blogged about yesterday) is different and inspired and very evocative of an urban winter.

But before I start applying the more unique grays and purples that still look out of place in the last days of August, I chose the lightest and most subtle polish in that collection to carry me until after Labor Day (and probably later. This is a fabulous neutral that is always appropriate).

Tickle Me France is is a muted mauve, almost nude, that's both elegant and sexy. It's the color of exquisitely made, über-French undergarments. While this won't be the talk of the town like a couple of others in the collection, I'll probably wear it more often.

OPI nail polish is available from nail salons all over the US. I bought mine online through Amazon.

Photos: mine. Models: Kosh and Tulip.


  1. Looks nice, I'll have to look out for it. In the picture it reminds me of my favorite, Fiji Weegee Fawn (sp?) (Feegee Weegee?). But that one is somewhat iridescent, not sure this one is. As always, I enjoy your cat models!


  2. In my country we call this color of French Lingerie "old pink". Does English language use this term too?

  3. OMG! Such pretty colors, and definitely a real fall collection. I need a good nude color, and that looks cute. Also, I might have to get Yes I Can-Can just for the name (Huge Obama fan, lol).

  4. Calypso, Kosh and Tulip wish to thank you and are sending some happy purrs your way :)
    This collection is all creams, nothing iridescent. But they have a lot of healthy shine, so it doesn't require a top coat (except for protection).

  5. Lavinia, I think it's often called "antique rose". Lovely color, in any name.

  6. Mia, I already bought two others and I think I see more in my future.

  7. Lovely nail polish color with cat model.

  8. I bought this last week along with Parlez-vous OPI?, We'll always have Paris, and You don't know Jacques! I have gotten sooo many compliments on this, I'm currently wearing it on my hands and Parelz-vous on my toes. I had read it was a boring nude but it does not dissapoint! I love it and see it as my staple hand color until it's time to wear the darks.

  9. i think all ads should include kitties! i must say, i was enchanted by your fur babies far more than with the color of the polish. that color would make my skin look corpse-like - too mauvey/blue a pink for my olive skin. - minette


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