Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Good And Bad Hair Days: Sebastian Whipped Creme

Sorry. I just had to post this picture of Tyra Banks and her crazy crimped hair. Suddenly it's 1984 all over again.

For those of us who prefer their hair untoasted, there's something better.

I haven't used any curl enhancing products in a very long time. Usually I found them either drying or sticky and stiff. I tend to prefer overachieving moisturizing leave-in conditioners, but the trade-off is losing my curls. still, soft, manageable hair is non-negotiable when you have about 3' of the stuff on your head.

I probably wouldn't have tried Sebastian Whipped Creme had it not arrived here, but I'm very happy I gave it a chance. It promises to nourish and define curls, leaving them soft and bouncy. This is exactly what happens, and I'm happy to report that I haven't had a bad hair day in weeks. I towel-dry my hair like I always do, shake the can (it's just like a whipped cream container, including a nozzle that dispenses these cute rosettes that look edible), spray into my palm (probably double the normal amount, but my hair is also at least twice as long and thick as the average person would have), distribute it through my hair and forget all about it.

The result is perfect full ringlets that don't stick, puff or fly away. I still use the tiniest drop of hair cream right above my forehead, just to keep that part frizz-free, but that's all I need. The Creme has a pretty strong scent that's a bit too much on the plastic gourmand side, but once in my hair it dries down nicely and my hair just smells faintly sweet if you sniff it up close.

Sebastian Whipped cream is available from ($18.96). I got it as PR freebie from Allure Magazine that has some impressive giveaways throughout the month of August.



  1. Sebastian Whipped Creme is amazing!

    I have straight fine hair and if gives me voume without weight and my hair is shiny too!

    Just make sure you buy it from a salon - so make sure you buy it from a salon.


  2. She looks awful. i can't believe that she is on the sept cover of Bazaar!! It is a high fashion magazine! She was never high fashion. I think she is beautiful--but not "high fashion"
    Oh yeah, and her hair is GROSS!!

  3. I too had a great experience with this product, too long to explain here. Well, thanks for sharing your experience.

    Sebastian Whipped Creme


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