Sunday, August 10, 2008

Two Little PSAs

1) In case you missed the news, Donna Karan has relaunched the legendary discontinued scents, and is making some eBay sellers cry: Chaos, Black Cashmere, Fuel, the Essence series and the original Donna Karan. They've been repackaged in plain bottles, but if the juice is the same, I think we can live with it. The perfumes are exclusive to Bergdorf Goodman (and Harrods, if you're in the UK) and can be ordered by phone: 212-753-7300

2) Colette Paris is collaborating with the Gap flagship store in NYC (5th avenue, near Henri Bendel) and opening a mini-store for one month only, September 6 through October 5, taking the concept of a limited edition to new places. There will be special items made specifically for the occasion and also some famous and highly coveted ones: Le Labo Vanille 44 will be available there.

Photo: Grace Kelly and her mother shopping at Bergdorf. Getty Images.


  1. Great information. Maybe Donna Karan will start a new wave of relaunching the old things among other perfume houses. Hmm, probably not. :(

  2. Lavinia- A month ago we wouldn't have believed Chaos would ever be back, so who knows? Maybe we'll live to see Djedi make a comeback. Never say never...


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