Monday, August 11, 2008

Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes mascara: Tilda Swinton, this mascara may change your life

Not that the fabulous Ms. S needs much help: She might not have eyelashes, but a) she has a polyamorous relationship that includes a husband and a younger man, and b) she knows George Clooney.

Those of us with less interesting personal lives can, at least, get some amazing lashes with the new Givenchy Phenomen'eyes mascara, even if it requires some adjusting.

The good: It delivers. The hedgehog brush really does what it promises: No lash left behind. It reaches the furthest corner and the wispiest hairs and coats them with a very thick, very black color. It has some thickening agent and lengthening polymer, and somehow it also curls. I got the longest, most doll-like lashes I've ever had and haven't touched my Shu curler since started testing this mascara.

The bad: The mascara is so thick you get a little clumping that you need to untangle with the brush. You also need to re-think and relearn you application technique, and because the brush covers much less surface, it takes quite a bit longer to apply, compared to a regular mascara. It also takes more work to fully remove it, and if not cleaned thoroughly, you'd find yourself with a walk-of-shame worthy residue the next day (I use two Almay pads for each eye and then follow with Bi-Facil).

Staying power: While the mascara mostly stays in place (even for 16 hours), there is some flaking. You won't notice it on your lashes, just under the eyes, so you need to keep some cleanup supplies with you. It doesn't smudge, unless you accidentally rub your eyes, which is a really bad idea.

The mascara is an overachiever, which for me makes it a problem if it gets on the lower lashes (which happens if you work the brush into the corner of your eyes). It's so dark and thick it gives me a too wide-eyed look that borders on the bovine. I had to learn to work with a lighter hand to avoid it. When applied right, the effect is just stunning, to the point I'd suggest to save it for date night. There's a brown version coming out soon, which I hope would be more meet-the-parents friendly.

Givenchy Phenomen'eyes mascara ($27) is available from Sephora. I ordered it online.


  1. Wow, so you didn't wind up with massive raccoon eyes? They are ragging it all over the place at MUA ... must be the application technique. I have general raccoon eye with mascara, but I'm an eye rubber so it's my own darn fault.

  2. March- This one is definitely not for the eye rubber. I touched my eye accidentally and got a black finger (tough I was quick enough not to get it all over my face). Application is probably half the secret here, because any excess material will end up smearing, but the temptation to coat each lash and see it grow is great.

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  4. Did you try to remove it with Shu Uemura's cleansing oil? Try that, it removes everything even waterproof mascara really quickly and you dont need to rub your eyes with any pads and cause fine lines :)



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