Tuesday, August 05, 2008

This And That

Good Reads:

  • The new face, according to the NY Magazine. I don't know if I should run to find a plastic surgeon or just hide under my bed.
  • The nose doesn't forget, according to the NY Times. A scientific explanation to why smelling Colours by Benetton still makes me misty eyed.

  • I tested the new Estee Lauder Sensuous three times so far. It's not interesting enough to me for an actual review, but I see why it has a mass appeal. It's not a typical Lauder and it's better done than most of the things you'd find in Macy's. I just can't get excited about a sugar-glazed wood. Maybe I'll try again when the parfum version comes out.
  • Lancome Magnifique- I smelled, I shrugged, I forgot. Anne Hathaway deserves better than this (seems to be the theme of her life lately).

Skin Care:
Speaking of Lancome, they have launched a new serum in the Secret de Vie range. The moisturizer is still my holy grail, so I might have to get it. I tried it at Saks today and it seemed nice. And despite what the SA told me, you can get it directly from Lancome. The Saks exclusivity was her excuse for the lack of samples. I'm getting seriously fed up with department stores and their employees. Thankfully, there's always online shopping.

  • Among all the new collections for fall, some older and worthy makeup items are going to the great makeup counter in the sky. Alison Raffaele is discontinuing a whole bunch of makeup products and brushes. If, like me, you're a fan of her soft glosses, this is the time to stock up and hoard. Too bad there's no special discount. Besame Cosmetics, on the other hand, offer all their discontinued items (labeled Au Revoir) at amazingly low prices. With the adorable packaging and exceptional quality, this is one good bargain. The website doesn't make it easier to find them, though, so you'll need to search each category.

  • At the total opposite end of the spectrum you'll find Giorgio Armani's fall makeup collection. The Python Palette is giving me a bad case of coveting. It's gorgeous, but is it $100 gorgeous?

Katie Holmes is bringing ugly back. Who would have thought we'd ever see the tight rolls making a comeback? And, yes, it does make your butt look bigger.

Images: Go Fug Yourself, stOOpidgErL


  1. Katie's pants got bashed on another site, but I actually like the look! I recently bought a pair of Marc Jacobs cargo pants at a consignment store that are too big (but because they're cargo, I can't roll at the bottom). I guess they all seem kind of Yojhi Yamamoto and Dries Van Notenish to me (both of whom I love). Anyway, I'm the only one who likes this look so far! I read the article in the NYTimes yesterday about the nose/smell. Even tho I knew this from before (I've always been in to scents/science), its nice to get a refresher course - and it is so true! Thanks all the different snippets of info!

  2. I loved that article about "The New Face"- geesh, just when a certian age had given me cheekbones I'm supposed to puff up like a blowfish to look "young"? Perhaps not.

    At least they are finally foretelling the death of the trout pout..

  3. Gail- My brain is allergic to everything resembling 80s fashion. I see these pants and it immediately takes me to the days I was morbidly awkward, shy and couldn't get a date to save my life.

  4. Tom- I doubt even age would give me cheekbones. But I found myself inspecting my would-be crow's feet and wondering if it's time to do something about them. And maybe also the nose job I never had, if I'm already taking care of business, and then there's the chin issue... Then I laughed at myself and went shopping.

  5. Hi Gaia,
    I also have the same feeling towards 80's fashions (although I guess I don't see these pants that way). Certain styles make me cringe! I'm curious about that article you and Tom are referring too!


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