Sunday, August 17, 2008

What I didn't buy today:

1. I started the day at the DVF boutique in the Meat Packing district. There was this gorgeous blue and white sweater dress that fit me perfectly. I absolutely loved it and was already mentally accesorizing it when I noticed a little problem: the 100% wool was terribly itchy. I had it on for less than ten minutes, but could already feel the inside of my elbows getting raw. A few more minutes in it and I would have looked like Liz Taylor above. The SA said I wasn't the first wish the dress was cashmere or at least a cashmere blend.

2. Serge Noire doesn't love me. The weather today probably didn't help, bringing out all the wrong notes. Normally I have no problem with spice and cumin (Arabie being the exception), but from the opening notes till quite late in the drydown (when it became a very butch cousin of Black Cashmere), Uncle Serge's phoenix was far less a mythological bird and much more tandoori chicken.
The blond kindly asked me never to smell like this ever again.

Image: Elizabeth Taylor in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf from

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