Monday, April 20, 2009

Are Stila's Troubles Over?

Were the rumors of Stila's demise exaggerated? It was no secret that the brand was in dire straights and product availability has been somewhat spotty lately. Their web site is mostly gone and there's a notice saying orders that were place on 3/23/2009 - 3/24/2009 may be canceled.

Stila has changed hands- Lauder sold it to Sun Capital who didn't seem to make it work, to the point that (according to WWD) they could not make payroll and have sent all employees home last month for an unpaid vacation time. The latest news is of another change in ownership. WWD is now reporting that Stila was sold to venture capital firm Patriarch Partners LLC.

Personally, I was never a big fan and had no Stila must-haves. I found most of the products overpriced for what they were, but I know enough beauty-obsessed who love the brand. Are you stocking up on your favorite Stila products?


  1. I'm a stila fan though mostly of their cute packaging and lip glosses. I'm definitely glad they managed to find a buyer!

    Kisses from Paris!


  2. I was never a Stila fan due to the (to me) cheap cardboard packaging, but I wish them all the best.


  3. I like their blush (sport?) sticks okay, but never got into it as a always seemed kind of expensive for what you got.

  4. Chicette, I think the lip colors are their best sellers. I once had a Stila sheer lipstick in a plum/berry color and liked it a lot.

  5. Mary, I sgree about the cardboard packaging. It works for some products, not so much for others.

  6. Elizabeth, I know exactly what you mean. I think they are overpriced and too many of the products (especially the mascaras) were just below average.


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