Thursday, April 02, 2009

Lancome Absolue Ultimate Night ßx

Lancôme Absolue Ultimate Night ßx is a night serum labeled for mature skin. But when I found myself with a generous 0.5 oz tube of the stuff, I had every intention to give it a good testing on my decidedly immature face.

The pseudo science babble on the Lancôme website promises to "reduce the appearance of creasing and wrinkles while increasing the appearance of skin density". We all know that once a wrinkle sets in, only a surgeon can undo it. But prevention work and serious pampering can somewhat delay the process, and that's when good skin care products come in.

Absolue Ultimate Night serum is good skin care. It feels great when you apply it (once you figure out how to deal with the thin and runny texture and determine exactly how much of it you need) as the skin soaks it up. The intense moisturizing is evident and there's absolutely no greasiness. Tired or parched skin looks better within hours, so "By morning: Skin feels softer and beautifully luminous" is not far fetched. I can definitely see and feel the softening effect. Continuous use (I've nearly drained my sample in the last three weeks) shows results, especially in the areas prone to redness and flakiness.

According to instructions, one is supposed to use the serum under a moisturizer, but I don't do it every night, only according to need. I also don't limit the use to right before bed. Instead, I sometimes apply it as a pick-me-up on a cold morning or before going up at night, under my makeup primer.

Bottom line: Lancome Absolue Ultimate Night ßx is not a Botox-replacement (I still have the beginning of frown lines on my forehead that clearly show that I'm my father's daughter), but it's a great skin care product that shows results and makes my skin happy.

Lancome Absolue Ultimate Night ßx ($140 for 1 oz) is available from Lancôme counters everywhere and on the company's web site. I got it as a GWP.


  1. Ooooh, I'm always so scared to try things out of my age range. Hmmm... Thinking about it now!

    Kisses from Paris!


  2. Hi Gaia
    I tried to email you but my computer is not able to configure outlook for some obscure reason which I really cannot deal with now..
    Please help a new mother out with skin tips. I just had a baby - well, 4months ago and thanks to extreme lack of sleep and stress my skin looks so tired and kinda saggy. Of course it does not help that I am 36! I suspect that had I gone through this in my 20's I would still look fresh as a peach. Warning to all women who plan to reproduce - get it over with in your twenties or early thirties!! That way your skin still has a chance to bounce back easily.
    So Gaia-any suggestion for serums/creams/hope in a bottle/anything to refresh,rejuvenate and make me look young(er)again would be immensely helpful.
    Muchas gracias
    PS:I live in London so I frequently salivate over many of your featured products which are often unavailable here in the UK. (fume...)

  3. Lili, first, congrats on the new baby :) I passed on procreation, so I'm not familiar first-hand with the situation, but I do know a thing or two about the quest for looking alive when one is in her late thirties.

    Unlike products such as perfume or makeup where I prefer smaller, artistic niche companies, when it comes to advanced skin care I'd go with the big ones who spend big money of R&D. This means L'Oreal (their most innovative products are sold under the Lancome brand), Lauder (they own La Mer) and Shiseido.

    I can't say enough good things about the Secret de Vie range from Lancome. I credit the cream with much of my skin health and now there's also a serum. Lancome has also just launched a serum called Genifique which I can't wait to try. It's supposed to be "youth activating" (whatever that means).

    I don't know if the Erno Laszlo website ships to the UK, but it's worth checking. So far I've been impressed with everything I tried (and my friend Tom who lives in the harsh SoCal climate and is a few years older swears by them). Their 3-9 formula always restores my face after a bad cold or a bout of allergy, so it's an essential as far as I'm concerned.

  4. Off to hunt for recommended goodies..
    Results - Lancome readily available and will ship. Best of all - the Secret de vie line AND Genifique are in stock.
    Off to shop.
    Thanks Gaia!! (Waves)
    Will report back with results.
    PS: Was I hallucinating or was Erno Lazslo's 3-9 potion retailing for over 500 bucks??? I really must try to get some decent sleep.


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