Monday, April 20, 2009

Zoya Nail Polish Summer 2009- Cruel Summer

Zoya is bringing the 80s back with the Ooh-La-La collection for summer 2009. Four of the colors, the ultra-bright ones, have a distinct neon finish that calls to mind the matching socks, rubber bracelets and scrunchies of yore. The polish colors are as summery and fun as can get, but I'm getting the feeling those among us who've been there the first time around, might not be the target audience for Ooh-La-La. The other two colors, Dita and America, aren't exactly shy violets, either, but they are easier to wear. America, a deep watermelon shade is my favorite and the one I'm more likely to reach for. It's pretty and I can almost pull it off, but it's so strong and bright I ended up feeling a bit too self conscious wearing it in polite company.

La-Di-Da is the metallic option. Nobody does blue and green nail polish as well as Zoya. If that's your thing, you're going to enjoy Tallulah and Midori with their Mediterranean summer vibe. I pick the more conservative Emme and Ginessa for a pretty pedicure to go with fun sandals.

As always, Zoya nail polish is made without the big bad three: toluene, formaldehyde, and DBP (phthalates) , the worst of chemicals. The quality is wonderful: two coats give the exact color you see in the bottle, and even the cream formula dried up quickly and didn't budge for five days. I actually took it off before there were any signs of wear and tear.

And here are a couple of reasons to be wary of the 80s:

Zoya summer 2009 collection ($6 per bottle) is available online, from the company's web site. I received it as a PR freebie.


  1. I like the colors (as I was too young first time around to be ineterested in nail polishes) - especially Ali, Katy and Tallulah) - I wonder if they can be ordered to Croatia (I'll have to check it out). :)

  2. "America" is the fun, brash pop-red I like for my tootsies in summer sandals (I like Mavala "Los Angeles"). Although "Dita" is more elegant of course and could be worn before getting a light tan on legs, I suppose. "Tallulah" is pure Santorini isle: so intensely blue!

    And ah Bananarama, what you reminded me of! (I kinda liked RDN's waiting>> *guilty admission*)) Come to talk about these things, what happened to Kajagoogoo? LOL!!

  3. I quite liked Bananarama - but hey, I don't get tired to repeat that I liked the 80s generally ! The best years of my life (born in '65...).

  4. You know if we were BFFs in the 80's I would totally had us with matching manis- reverse french manicures with Ginessa on the nail body and the edge in Dita like you clawed someone. Because that's the way I rolled then. Before I sank back into the Lacoste and Topsider swamp I was born into.

    Now fragrance is my rebellion. That, and my zip code.

  5. Ines, drop me an email. I think I might be able to help ;)

  6. E., you had me laughing hard! I haven't thought about Kajagoogoo in ages.

  7. Lady Jane, the 80s definitely had some high points, especially the latter half, once I emerged from the ugly duckling stage. I was born in 1970, so I spent a few hellish years of that decade in junior high.

  8. Tom, you make me want to go back in time. Having you around in those years would have greatly improved my outlook. And my manicures. I'm pretty sure I had a think for orange nail polish.


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